Whether you’re a single woman in flats or stilettos, this video interview should have fun and helpful advice just for you…

Greetings Goddesses,

New York City Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima of “Single in Stilettos” has a highly recommended new video podcast that you can find on iTunes and YouTube. The series is a spin-off of her popular coaching seminars for single women, which I had the pleasure of speaking at twice.

In this interview, Suzanne and I got to chat about some of the topics that I get the most advice questions around. Many of you wanted to know how to be sexy and still maintain your self-respect and self-worth. Great question! After all flirting is one of the great “feminine charms” as I like to call it.

It can seem like there is a thin line between sexy and skanky but there really isn’t. Of course, as a consenting adult and woman walking in her own shoes, if whatever you’re doing is working for you, rock out with it! This advice is for the superwomen who have it going on in other areas of their lives, but need a few tweaks here.

I see you. You’re gorgeous. You already have everything you need to rock your love life and anyone who disagrees can go scratch! (Yes, we’ve been watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” again.) We recently discussed the topic of how to rock your empowered sexiness on the Essence Magazine Sexy Summer Hangout.

Some of the topics that Suzanne and I cover in the interview include: How to dress for the date; What is your energy and attitude that you’re bringing to the date; What sexy means; Feminine energy is receptive energy; the Secret power you already have and don’t even know it and much, much more…

ALSO Suzanne has a sexy, new, free report that you don’t want to miss: “Top 10 Secrets: What Attracts a Man & What Turns Him Off!” If you can’t see Suzanne’s video episode above, watch on Youtube here.

NYC Relationship Coach Abiola

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