Let’s talk impostor syndrome at my Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat in beautiful Bali…

Pain is temporary.
Quitting lasts forever.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Hey Goddess,

Happy New Season, beautiful!

Let’s talk impostor syndrome, shall we?

Abundance is SO much more than just money.

We can be abundant in health, LOVE, joy, FUN, time – and even beauty.

And yes, we can also be abundant in money.

Most of us have all kinds of money blocks and limiting beliefs when it comes to abundance.

This is why I created the upcoming free abundance challenge and mini-course.

Some money blocks and limiting beliefs. were inherited from our families n our childhoods, and others we created through our own experience.

Some don’t look like money blocks at all.

A big scarcity mindset story that we tell ourselves is that “there is not enough.”

Another common abundance blocker is the lie that we are not enough. This shows up with the impostor syndrome.

When you have the fear that you are secretly not up to par then you hold yourself out of the stream of receiving all of the blessings – love, friendship, money — that you have coming to you.

I had one of these moments when on my Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat in Bali.

On my Facebook and Instagram, I’ve started to share just a tiny bit of the incredibly powerful transformational experiences that I was privileged to lead and share with the most phenomenal group of women leaders ever.

What I haven’t shared is what happened before the retreat even started…

Although most retreats just invite you to find your way to the location, I really wanted my goddesses to have a seamless experience in Indonesia. After all, we don’t speak the language, it is a super-long trip and none of us had ever been to Bali.

Unblock My Money BlocksSo my co-retreat leader Medyhne and I paid extra to cover to round trip airport transfers in Bali.

To my dismay, when the first goddess guest arrived we received a panicked 911 message from her that she couldn’t find her driver.

The airport is loud, overbearing and a bit confusing — as many airports can be — especially when you don’t know what anyone is saying.

Luckily, by the time we saw her message she had grounded herself, focused, checked again slowly, and was able to locate the driver with the sign with her name on it written in smallish letters.

BUT… as the other goddesses started to arrive, mostly from the U.S. via 30+ hours of travel, chaos ensued.

Most drivers were paid to pick up groups of our guests. But many people were not able to find the drivers with the signs with their names on it.

The driver would find one person and then try to round up the other guests, often to no avail.

Or the driver would find someone else from the group, showing them names of Abundance Pray Love goddesses that they did not yet know…

Money Blocks and Wounded Healer - Impostor Syndrome

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We received several panicked messages followed by guests having to take foreign taxis because we didn’t want them waiting around an airport.

Some of these new cabs marked up the fees about 400%. This is part of what we were trying to avoid by booking the cars to begin with. And now we’d have to pay for the commute multiple times. Some drivers stayed at the airport for hours because they didn’t want to get in trouble for abandoning their American guests — even after we told them that the guests had taken another car.

It was a super HOT mess!

Meanwhile, not only were my amazing queens having their own abandonment issues triggered in all kinds of ways but I was having my own “you’re a f* up” issues triggered.

I actually had a fleeting (super fleeting, like 30 seconds… but it was still there) thought of, “Well forget it, this can’t work now. Go home delete your site and refund their money.”

Then I got physically ill.

This is the Inner Bully I talk about in The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love — and this is also the impostor syndrome.

self-love personal development impostor syndromeThankfully, I can laugh about the whole thing now — including the fact that the car company refused to work with us again or refund any money.

Of course my beautiful and resilient goddesses were just fine on arrival and we went on to LAUGH about it AND have the most incredible transformational, inspirational, transcendent, motivational and MAGICAL experience ever.

From our sister circle under the full moon on a Bali beach with a beautiful Balinese healer to bathing in holy water at the Purification Springs, we are forever changed.

We came as strangers and left as family, tightly bonded by so much LIGHT. There’s really no other way to say it than to acknowledge that Spirit showed up and SHOWED OUT over and over and over again…

The Impostor Syndrome didn’t win that day because stuff happens. That’s life.

My new saying is: “We got WAY more mojo than that!”

Money Challenge and Abundance Course

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Impostor Syndrome: Let’s Talk About It

For a long time the impostor syndrome was an abundance blocker for me along with the lack of enoughness and deservability. The fact that it reared its ugly head so easily after a travel blip in Bali means that I still have work to do in this area.

Luckily I am not allowing fears of not being enough block my money flow as much as I used to.

As beautifully perfect as we are, we all have self-limiting beliefs and abundance blocks. These beliefs often speak to our issues with deservability. This is true whether you grew up rich, poor or somewhere in between.

My FREE 9-Day Unblock My Money Challenge and Mini-Course starts next week.

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You deserve ALL of the abundant blessings that the Universe has in store for you.

Let’s do this, dollface.

Let’s get free.

P.S. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”
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