Have you ever taken a full moon spiritual bath? Are you ready for a shift? A sacred energy shift? This is especially for the lightworkers, changemakers, healers, coaches and speakers. That’s right! For my spiritpreneur sisters. 

This Energy Shift is for YOU if: *You are a woman leader who feels blocked from her greatness, *If you are a coach, healer, speaker, writer who wants to make her mark, *If you KNOW that the biggest thing holding you back is YOU. *You can identify with the words “wounded healer.”

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How Spiritual Baths Can Take You to the Next LevelHey Goddess!

Your mission is The Sacred Ritual of a Cleansing Spiritual Bath — your way, your tools.

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How to do a Sacred Self-Love Bath

from The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

Like altars, I am blessed to say that this is a tool that I was raised around. In many African cultures, bathing in spiritual water helps you to release and set intentions for a prosperous new beginning. The Mayans supposedly used this practice as well. Like my great-grandma, who used homeopathy for her ailments, my sister Damali is a master herbalist and uses various herbs for cleansing. I will interview her on an upcoming episode of the Spiritpreneur School Podcast.


  • You may want to take a regular shower first as this bath is about energy, not daily skin grime.
  • An Epsom or sea salt bath is a purifying salve.
  • Depending on your intentions, herbs and oils you may add include: sweet rose, balancing basil, healing hibiscus, protective plantain, restorative mugwort, soothing lavender, wild yam, and spicy cinnamon.
  • Coconut milk also enriches a spiritual bath.
  • Use soothing beats, candlelight, flowers, crystals, and incense to make this a multi-sensory experience.
  • You can meditate, pray, visualize, and give thanks.

Just the fact that you think you don’t have time to do this means that you should. Hug yourself and speak love into every part of your body. See beauty in every fold, bend, and stretch mark.

Conjure feelings of happiness, beauty, love, luxury, prosperity, gratitude, and deservability as you indulge in this basic but potent ritual.

  • Use affirmation cards and self-love declarations to reinforce how good it feels to be you.
  • Read sacred poetry or your preferred spiritual texts, like psalms, that make you feel empowered.
  • You should emerge focused, aligned, clearer – and energetically clean! Give yourself this gift at least once a season.


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