Can yoga really help pregnant women connect with their babies? Let’s talk about it. Celebs said to indulge in yoga while expecting include Drew Barrymore, Kate Middleton and Amber Rose. Of course, check in with your personal physician to find the best prenatal fitness and health options for you. Thanks to Michelle Tibbs of Pilates Studio City for the video of yoga poses for pregnant women. Michelle Tibbs began her yoga practice in 2002 after the birth of her third child.-aa


 Greetings Goddesses,

With deep roots in Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism, yoga is an ancient practice, dating back thousands of years, and used for its renowned physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Helpful to anyone needing to relax, de-stress and unwind, for expectant mothers these benefits increase tenfold, as the physical preparation of healthy activity, plus the use of meditation, allow more focused visualization on a healthy birth; removing mental apprehension and anxiety to build a positive spiritual connection with the child-to-be. So as the first steps on the road to a stronger connection, yogic practice is the perfect way to encourage a healthy relationship with your child, right from the start.

1. Enhance the spiritual connection through physical benefit.

Allowing mothers-to-be to remain healthy and strong, regular yogic practice enhances the spiritual connection through physical preparedness. Aiming to balance the body, heal and strengthen, pre and post-natal yoga firstly prepares the body and baby for the birth, and can aid recovery after, resulting in a more positive experience – beneficial to your spiritual bond.

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If engaged in regularly, yoga will help you adjust to your changing body, boost your energy levels and minimize the discomforts associated with the later stages of pregnancy by enhancing flexibility. And if pain and discomfort are reduced, the whole body – and your child – will be more relaxed, and stress free. Practicing physical positioning, meditation, and breathing technique are also beneficial during the birth itself, allowing for an easier experience as you’ll be physically and mentally focused.

2. Enhance the spiritual connection through mental benefit.

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A healthy body encourages a healthy mind. Creating time for internal reflection, yoga has been known to reduce depression, as it provides a chance to switch off from the stresses of everyday life and work, allowing anxieties about the birth, and physical tension to wash away. Spreading throughout the mind, body and to your child, this mental relaxation will then lead to a much calmer pregnancy.

Mental preparation and strength are crucial for the birth. Just as you may have an idea for your birth plan, the visualization practiced in yoga allows you to imagine your ideal stress and problem free birth then help it become a reality.

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3. The benefits of enhancing your spiritual connection.

A healthy mind encourages a healthy spiritual connection. Removing stress will have a huge effect on the way you and your child feel and connect with each other, physically, mentally and spiritually. But once the mind is clear and you are both relaxed, the spiritual connection between you can only grow, as you visualize your baby, really focus on them growing healthily, and share positivity with them to influence and form the foundations for a lifelong relationship – just as you might sing or play music to them in the womb.

Remember, a spiritual connection will take time to build; but you have the whole pregnancy to build the relationship – there is no other experience like creating new life, so enjoy the time that you are ‘one’ together!

4. Incorporate pre-natal yoga into your life to form a lifelong connection.

Pregnancy Yoga by Cathy Broda BookFor expectant mothers, pregnancy is a journey. But taking the time out of everyday life to enjoy that journey and connect with the baby on board isn’t always easy.

If you decide to join a class, be sure to do so under the guidance of your doctor, and find a qualified instructor who understands the extra care antenatal yoga requires – your fitness levels, progress through the pregnancy, experience and overall health must all be taken into account.

You should also try to connect at other times, not just in classes. Yoga and meditation can be done anywhere, at any time, so try to find some daily space to stop, relax, stretch, breathe, and focus on your baby to visualize that strengthening spiritual connection and positive future together.

Blogger Suzanne is a mother to two and practices Yoga regularly. She runs a business called Bundles of Joy, which is based in the UK and sells new baby gifts among many other products.

 Photo Source: Kate Weber, Spring in My Body, Wikimedia Commons.

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