Have you heard of Emotional Freedom Technique? EFT is a scientifically proven way to rewire your brain and interrupt anxiety, panic attacks, fear, social anxiety, phobias, compulsive behaviors, stress and trauma in many people. The Energy Tapping script that I created around the issue is below… 

Greetings Beautiful,


As long as we’re breathing, there is stress. Our brains go into fight, freeze or flight mode, ready to rumble with the tigers in the jungle. Because most of us are not battling tigers, the fear and anxiety that can send our bodies into overdrive does not always have a helpful purpose.

The great thing is that we’re getting more comfortable with conversations around coping with stress and anxiety. This is particularly important as both women and men are focused on giving the picture of perfection. We put on our Glamouflage to distract from the fact that we’re terrified and inside folks are stressed, depressed and well-dressed – drinking, drugging, sexing, under-nourishing and over-working ourselves to distract and numb from what we’re really feeling.

EFT is one methodology that works for me. 

  • Whether you are dealing with relationship drama, money stress, career anxiety or mild depression, this acupressure technique may be helpful and healing for you. The great thing is that you don’t even need a practitioner. You can do EFT Tapping yourself. If you can’t see my EFT for Anxiety video, click here.

EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is one technology that can be incredibly helpful in maintaining a healthy state of mind. Tapping has been helpful for me for a myriad of issues including emotional eating. Journaling has also been very healing for me personally in dealing with anxiety.

If you’re looking to learn more about acupressure and this EFT Tapping energy healing technique, Nick Ortner’s new book, “The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living”  is unparalleled. This textbook on healing from Hay House explores the science behind this life-changing mode that has been proven to help with trauma and all kinds of issues from compulsive eating to depression. Of course, check with your own healthcare provider to find solutions that work for you. I recommend the book both as a love and life coach and as someone finds tapping powerful in her personal healing arsenal.

My EFT Tapping for Anxiety Script


Karate Chop

  • I choose to feel calm and I am willing to feel relief;
  • I choose to feel calm
  • Even though I feel anxious, I choose to completely love, honor and cherish myself.
  • Even though I hate feeling like life is beyond my control, I want to completely love, honor and adore myself.
  • Even though life has me completely stressed and anxious right now, and I’m almost almost too worried to deal with it, I’m open, willing and able to completely love, honor, cherish and accept myself.

EFT Tapping Points - How to Diagram Round One:

  • Eyebrow: I feel anxious.
  • Side of the eye: I’m a ball of tension.
  • Under eye: Life has me overwhelmed.
  • Under the nose: It’s almost too much.
  • Chin: I’ve been feeling trapped.
  • Collar bone: I can’t tell if I’m anxious, stressed or panicking.
  • Underarm: I shouldn’t have to go through this.
  • Top of the head: This definitely isn’t fair.

Round Two:

  • Eyebrow: Why me?
  • Side of the eye: Why do I have to feel this anxious?
  • Under the eye: What if I didn’t feel this way?
  • Under the nose: What if my life wasn’t so stressful?
  • Chin: What if my life was stress-free?
  • Collarbone: Either way, I hate feeling like this.
  • Underarm: I can’t stand feeling overwhelmed.
  • Top of the head: Overwhelment is resistance.

Round Three:

  • Eyebrow: Knowing that fact stresses me even more.
  • Side of the eye: What if this anxiety was my body preparing for something great?
  • Undereye: What if I am more powerful than I ever thought possible?
  • Under the nose: I probably could release this tension.
  • Chin: I don’t know if I really need to be this stressed.
  • Collarbone: I’ve felt like this before and gotten past it.
  • Underarm: Maybe I am in control.
  • Top of the head: Or maybe I’m not in control and that’s okay too.

Nick Ortner EFT Tapping Solution bookRound Four:

  • Eyebrow: I’m thinking about the stress.
  • Side of the eye: I’m thinking about the anxiety.
  • Under eye: Maybe holding on to this feeling isn’t that helpful.
  • Under the nose: What if life was getting better?
  • Chin I am willing to feel like things are getting better.
  • Collarbone What if everything was already better right now?
  • Under the arm What if I am just scared?
  • Top of the head Maybe I’m just scared.

Round Five:

  • Eyebrow: I’ve been scared before.
  • Side of the eye: It happens.
  • Under the eye: I’m human.
  • Under the nose: Stuff happens.
  • Chin: Maybe one day I’ll laugh about this.
  • Collarbone: What if I could laugh about it right now?
  • Underarm: I think I’ll get through this.
  • Top of the head: I always get through it.

Round Six:

  • Eyebrow: I’m a good person.
  • Side of eye: I deserve to be happy.
  • Undereye: I am willing to be happy.
  • Under the nose: Life loves me.
  • Chin: While I’m still breathing there’s still hope.
  • Collarbone: While I’m still breathing there’s still joy.
  • Underarm: I’m starting to feel better – and grounded.
  • Top of the head: I might even feel like dancing.

Round Seven:

  • Eyebrow: And I probably can’t dance without smiling.
  • Side of eye: Life does not have to be perfect.
  • Undereye I will do the best that I can.
  • Under the nose My best is good enough for me.
  • Chin: I am proud of myself.
  • Collarbone: I release all resistance.
  • Underarm: I am going with the flow.
  • Top of the head: I release anything I cannot control.
  • And millions of people will feel better today.
  • Millions of people will have good experiences today.
  • Millions of people will enjoy today.
  • Why not me?
  • I release the pain, I release the fear, I release the shame and guilt.
  • Eyebrow It feels good to be me. And for this I am so grateful.

Love, Abiola

Buy Nick Orner’s book here: The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living. Learn more about the science behind tapping on his site. Hay House sent me a copy of the book to review but all opinions expressed here are my own. My video is for informational purposes only. I am a Passionate Living Coach that uses EFT as a healing modality. I am not a doctor. 

Featured photo of me is by Kristal Mosley of iCreateTV.com.

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