It is Day 10 of 11 of our Big Hairy Audacious Goals Spiritual Vision Board Challenge and it is all about your visibility and fear of being seen.  Each day of the challenge, you glue images to your spiritual business vision board that represent the day’s prompts. Then come to our Spiritpreneur Facebook Circle  and let’s talk about it!


Fear of Being Seen: Your Sacred Visibility

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Fear of being seen and heard fully and completely keeps so many of us hiding, shrinking, playing small and sabotaging ourselves.

It can show up as procrastination, perfectionism, numbing and addiction, avoidance, clutter, weight issues, communication challenges and every throat chakra block you can think of. Then we pile shame over that.

All of my upcoming work— my next Spiritpreneur course, my September 2020 (!!) Goddess Retreat in NY, and my 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Sessions with you will focus on this challenge.

It all starts with the courage to be seen.

But this is not easy for those of us who have abandonment histories, were repeatedly shut down, got punished or rejected in our families for being different or thinking differently, or feel caged by the false safety of a job that makes us miserable. Or maybe you’re just shy or lack confidence and feel like this “look at me” world isn’t built for people like you.

If we can’t *see* or *hear* you, then we are missing out on your message. And you are missing out on our business when we want to give it to you— but can’t find you.

Do you have fear visibility and of being seen?

It is time to stop hiding, shrinking and playing small. If you cannot show up confidently in your life, you may be afraid to be seen. If you can’t speak your truth, you may have fear of being seen. Daring to be visible and being willing to be seen for who you really are, is powerful. Your visibility matters.

It is Day 10 of 11 of the Spiritual Business Vision Board Challenge. We are building a vision for you as a spiritual entrepreneur.


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