Calling All Lightworkers

I always wanted a powerful, high vibe goddess circle of incredible women coaches, healers, and creative gurus — so I created it!

Join my Goddess Temple Circle Facebook Group. It is time to answer your calling.

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Join my Facebook Goddess Circle, an inspirational Group for life coaches, healers, priestesses and creative spiritual entrepreneurs like you…

Goddess Circle - Sister Circle for women

Hey Beautiful!

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Join My Digital Goddess Circle for Spiritual Women Leaders & Leaders-to-Be!

Important: If you need convincing, this is not for you.You either know that we are in alignment or not.

What is Ubuntu? The Feminine Power of Community & The Tribe?

“The Sacred Bombshell knows that togetherness is the key to the evolution of human beings as a species. Educate a mother and you begin to liberate a village. Diplomatic communication, mutual respect, valuing the team, and process-oriented approaches are the yin feminine energy keys to leadership, community, and the global tribe. Power does not come from a rejection of yang masculine energy leadership but rather from yin and yang partnership. This is sacred self-love.”

-From my book, The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love