One of the beautiful things about having your own spiritual business as a coach, healer, speaker, author or creative guru is that you get to choose your sacred workspaces. It is Day 9 of 11 of our Big Hairy Audacious Goals Spiritual Vision Board Challenge.  Each day of the challenge, you glue images to your spiritual business vision board that represent the day’s prompts. Then come to our Spiritpreneur Facebook Circle  and let’s talk about it!

Sacred Workspaces in Your Spiritual Business

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Quote of the Day!

We may encounter many defeats but we may not be defeated Spiritpreneur Visionary Board Challenge Quotes (9)




Want to know how I plan my spiritual Goddess retreats in accordance with the magic and mysticism of the moon? Let's talk about it...


You deserve to work in a place that feels supportive of your vision. What’s your favorite workspace? Where do you envision yourself delivering your message from?

This was a healing circle on the black sand beach in Bali at my Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat.

My favorite workspaces are physical (goddess circles, retreats, stages, beaches, boats, workshops) and digital (courses, Facebook groups, live broadcasts, YouTube) and even my living room on my laptop or via phone or Skype. I never sit at my desk and I find cafes too distracting!

Today is Day 9 of the Spiritual Business Vision(ary) Board Challenge, and the prompt is “Workspaces”. Each day, you add images representing the prompt of the day to your vision board.

No, you haven’t missed out. Just jump right in. It all starts with the courage to be seen.



Dealing with Social Anxiety, Awkwardness & Fear of Judgment! Day 8 of 11 [Video]


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