Thinking of jumping the broom when the weather outside is frightful? Tie the knot this festive season and you can truly say, all you want for Christmas is your husband nee fiancé. Thanks to Magical Creations for the great winter wedding favors and ideas video below.

Are you dreaming of a wintery wedding?

Most couples book for summer ceremonies, which means they pay premium prices and fight for venue slots. Why more partners don’t opt for a winter wedding, is a mystery to us. (Well, besides the blustery, freezing, no fun, cold weather!)

BUT by choosing to get hitched between November and February, you’re saving yourself a lot of money and hassle.

Besides, the mood created in a winter wonderland is spectacularly romantic; think roaring fires, glittering snow, and starry fairy lights. Tie the knot this festive season and you can truly say, all you want for Christmas is your fiancé.

Wedding Outfits.

Traditional wedding gowns are gorgeous, but they’re not renowned for their warmth. Look the part as a beautiful winter bride with a faux fur wrap or a hooded, white cape. Icy shades of silver, blue, and frost make for a true winter wonderland image.

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You might want to wear some fashionable, matching boots if it’s icy outside, as tottering around in heels may end up in an embarrassing fall – no-one will ever know what shoes you’re wearing with a long enough wedding dress!

Let’s hope it snows for some charming wedding photos.

Food And Drink.


As it’s Winter, think about hearty meals. Instead of (or as well as) champagne, offer mulled wine and hot, spiced cider to your guests. For the little ones who can’t have alcohol, serve up decadent hot chocolates. Afterwards, go for a traditional hog roast, seasonal soups, and rich puddings.

When it comes to the cake, choose a white and silver motif that represents the winter theme – a great excuse for some extra frosting!

Yum – how gorgeous!



No traditional, winter wedding would be the same without a horse-drawn carriage. If it’s snowy enough, you may be able to rock up to your ceremony in a fancy sled!

Line the insides of the carriage with gorgeous fleeces and faux furs for comfort and style. An open-top carriage is the most sought-after model, and if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can always pull up the roof to avoid any style disasters.



At warm, summer weddings, the bride is constantly worrying about that slimy sheen of perspiration. Winter brides have no fear! You’ll look beautifully made-up all day if you get married in this bracing season.

To keep your guests warm at country house weddings, make sure there is a large fire and a cozy atmosphere. Bring some of the outdoors inside with some frosted, ceiling-high trees. Give your guests snowflake confetti to throw and distribute winter-themed wedding favors.

Because the days quickly get dark, lighting is especially important. Go for stunning fairy lights, lamps, and candles in the evening. For an impressive, winter wonderland finish, bathe the room in blue or white light. If you really want to go all-out, integrate some breath-taking ice sculptures.

Create your dream wedding!



Think less Disco DJ and more orchestra or choir. Instrumental, classical music complements the delicate atmosphere and you can always break out the party tunes later on in the evening, after everyone has had a few drinks.





Zoe is a freelance journalist who writes wedding articles for Knowsley Hall. Visit their site for the perfect nuptial venue. 

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