Video game lovers are notoriously difficult to please. If there’s one thing an addict needs it’s a fix, so enable your loved ones video game addiction with one of these experience-enhancing gadgets. Better than a gift card. Don’t tell us you were thinking of getting one of those. Kidding… Four covetable gadgets you can buy to keep your gamer happy and content this holiday season. Thank you World or War Chat for the cool video.

Sony PULSE wireless stereo headset – Elite Edition

These sweet headphones are especially designed for gamers. They’re made so that the sound doesn’t leak out of the cans and annoy everyone around you. Those same cans actually fit very comfortably over your ears, we must say. For those days and nights spent in a kind of torpor in front of your favorite psp or Xbox game. They’re especially produced to sell psp lovers an incredible auditory experience.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

This mobile hard drive has built in wi-fi which makes it a perfect companion for netbooks and ultrabooks. You don’t need to connect it via annoying leads and cables. Just turn on the wifi and you’re good to go. This is a great device to help with gaming on the go. The battery lasts at least 7 hours – perfect to play a game or two when you’re bored on the train. That means that it’s equally as good for movies and music.

Vizio Razor LED TV E601I-A3

This is just about the largest screen you can get for a small amount of dollars. You get 60 inches of television and you can spend less than a thousand dollars. The picture isn’t really the best quality on the market, but that’s the compromise you sometimes make with these huge televisions. You want a behemoth on your living room wall? Well then you might have to compromise on picture quality. That’s okay – we find that our eyes get accustomed to the image quality anyway and no one short of the extremely picky will notice a damn thing.

Jawbone Jambox

This unusual looking little speaker really does pack a huge punch. It’s wireless so no messy wiring up and scooting around the living room floor on your hands and knees is necessary. Plus, the design is absolutely gorgeous. We admit that we mostly like the design. It’s like noisy, funky LEGO.

Ready to spend? Feeling pale at the thought of the expense? For us it’s a combination of both. But just think about the joy on your pet gamer’s face when they open up their presents and see one of these cutting edge gadgets on morning. You’ll be their favorite person for the rest of 2013.


Dara Beauchamp is a gadget lover from London, UK. Will sell xbox 360 for Grandma. No, that should be the other way around.

Featured images: License: Creative Commons image source

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