Manifesting Meditation: Visualize How You Want to Feel for 17-68 Seconds [Video]

Manifesting Meditation: Visualize How You Want to Feel for 17-68 Seconds [Video]

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Hold a positive thought vibration for 17 to 68 seconds to create new neuro pathways. Ever heard that neurons that fire together wire together? With the law of attraction, the universe matches your thoughts. With negative thinking, this is called worry. Whith positive thoughts, you are giving birth to your desired manifestations. This is where you begin your manifesting meditation technique.

Manifesting March Law of Attraction Challenge, Day 10 of 28.

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Manifesting Meditation: Imagine How You Want to Feel for 17-68 Seconds

How to Manifest Anything You Want with This Powerful Manifesting Meditation Technique

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What does 68 seconds of pure thought mean?

Law of attraction Abraham Hicks process 17-minute meditation.

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68 Seconds Manifesting Meditation Technique


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