Non-Attachment, Manifesting and the Law of Attraction [Video]

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Non-Attachment, Manifesting and the Law of Attraction [Video]

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The spiritual practice of non-attachment is about releasing our attachment to outcome and the things we are wanting to create.

It is Manifesting March Day 5! Have You Ever Tried Practicing Non-Attachment? Letting Go of Attachments to Manifest Your Desires:

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The Art of Manifesting with Non-Attachment

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Hey Goddess,

It is Day 5 of Manifesting March and the Law of Attraction Challenge.

We are manifesting some powerful miracles this month!

Every day for the rest of the month I am sharing law of attraction secrets to create your desires.

I created the Law of Attraction challenge to celebrate my upcoming Goddess of Paris Retreat. Come stay in a castle in France with me this summer to level up your whole life!! Yeah!! (

Today is about the sacred manifesting secret of non-attachment, releasing the attachment to outcome.

The late great Dr. Wayne Dyer use to say, “Have a mind that is open to everything, but attached to nothing.”

Watch the video above… and come let me know what you think in the Facebook Goddess Group.


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