Let’s talk about manifesting and asking for your miracle. Yes, when we discuss the law of attraction and deliberate creation, many people forget to ask…

Listen! Ask for Your Miracle

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Happy New Moon Goddess~


The new moon is the BEST time to CALL IN YOUR MIRACLES…

It is DAY 4 of our Manifesting Miracles Law of Attraction Challenge, celebrating the Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifesting Retreat.

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Today is the most simple manifesting step of all — but it is the one we most often forget.


Make your sacred request.

ASK for your miracle? 🔥

Yes, your miracle!

Miracles happen every day.

Ask for yours.

The dictionary define a miracle as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”

ASK for your miracle…

And if you did ask, did you ask from a place of BELIEF and knowingness OR desperation?

Go ahead – ASK.

Ask from a place of GRATITUDE.

Ask from a vibration of certainty!!

Now you may be thinking – HOW?

How do I ask for my miracles?

Release control, surrender, PRAY if that is a part of your practice, make a petition.


Who do you ASK?

That is up to you.

Ask God, the Universe, your creator, your soul, Spirit, Higher Self, Mother Nature, your Ancestors, your Guides.



It may sound like this:

“Dear God/Spirit/Universe/Most High – – I surrender. I am asking for a miracle. Please help me. I am so grateful in advance. Thank you.”


ASK.your miracle - The Goddess of Paris Law of Attraction Retreat is about manifesting your miracles, magic and mojo. You have desires, right? It is time to manifest them.


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