How to keep your love life spicy and healthy!

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Some of us are like bees. We like a flower but once we get bored all the romance ends.

Here is a list of ways to keep your love life HOT by Avani

1. He has fallen in love with you for what you are so don’t give up anything for him and don’t change anything about yourself.

2. Continue flirting to keep the sexual tension alive. A casually flirtatious conversation is very exciting for guys, especially when it’s their girlfriend on the other side.

3. Don’t let go of your social life to spend more time with him. A little time spent apart can help you to keep the love alive.

4. Send him an e-card every once in a while to let him know that you are thinking of him.

5. Send flirtatious text (or sext) messages when he’s not with you.

6. Don’t make dates a boring ordeal. Let him know how much you are waiting to be alone with him with small signs or notes.

7. Even if you live together, mail love letters to your address. It’s not just us women who love surprises.

8. If you have been together for some time, don’t push him to propose. You don’t want someone you have to force to marry you anyway, right?

9. When you go out, don’t put on just anything. Sure, he’s all yours but you have to continue to look titillating at least some of the time.

10. Don’t get stuck in a monotonous routine with him. Plan new things to do together.

11. Don’t bore your significant other with unnecessary details about your friends’ lives.

12. Make your lover feel loved, appreciated and cherished.

13. Show him that you love him for exactly what he is. Accept him for the good , the bad and the ugly.

14. Don’t prolong fights about “small stuff” like toilet seats.

15. Make favorite meals every now and then.

16. Be comfortable around his or her friends and family.

17. Try to understand how your partner works, his or her likes and dislikes so that you can also work parallel.

18. Get a handle on any possessiveness and jealousy — not healthy for you and not healthy for relationships.

19. Do not EVER compare him with your friend’s boyfriends or husbands. That only adds to insecurity.

20. Don’t be afraid to bring out your sexuality. Men like women who are confident with their sex appeal; and vice versa.

21. Be strong but don’t dominate — unless requested! Give suggestions but don’t impose your opinions on your partner.

22. Don’t be scared to ask for it. Be wild in the bedroom. Your lover will secretly feel pleased with themselves!

23. Don’t “expect” too much. [Expectations can be a burden.] Wait and see what someone is willing to do on their own before you start complaining.

24. That reminds me, do not nag him. Instead of complaining about things your mate doesn’t do, try  faith and appreciation.

What are you thinking?25. Spend quality time every week and make sure that whatever you do, he enjoys it as much as you.

26. Leave love notes for him to find around the house or car.

27. Encourage him to try new thing and new ventures.

28. Maintain yourself.

29. Love yourself because if you don’t, he won’t either.

30. Always reflect positivity. Everyone loves to be in a positive environment.

31. Don’t behave like a desperate woman or a stalker. Give your partner space and respect it.

32. Give enough attention to last a lifetime but be careful to not suffocate your man or woman.

33. Every once in a while, treat him to a massage. Spoil him by massaging with aromatic oils.

34. Be patient. Allow your new dude to feel comfortable around you.

35. Let him or her know that he can trust you with anything, be it loyalty or deep secrets.

36. Let him know that you are proud to have him in your life. Hold his hand/arm when you go out with him if he is fine with holding hands in public. (Ask, never assume),

37. If he has a talent or passion, encourage him to hone it even more.

38. Love him, give him attention but don’t be available at all times. Have a life.

39. If you have any talents, show them off. Hidden skills can be very intriguing.

sexy couple40. Laughter is contagious If you are a funny person, crack tons of jokes, make him laugh as much as you can and show the love of your life a great time!

41. Don’t be melodramatic and overly sensitive. This can sure make anyone lose interest.

42. Be a good conversationalist.

43. Show some class and some sass. You’re already an intriguing mixture of a damsel and a smart, confident woman.

44. Instead of asking him to buy things for you, go ahead and surprise him with a gift.

45. Respect decisions even if you don’t agree. Love cannot exist without mutual respect so give it to get it.

46. Don’t repeatedly unload all your emotions, anger and frustration on one person.

47. Get involved in his life and try to show a genuine interest now and then in things he likes. Even if you don’t have a lot of fun initially, he will certainly notice and acknowledge your effort. I would!

48. Every now and then allow the guy to take care of you and look after you. Guys love playing superman for their girlfriends!

49. Let him have the luxury of being himself around the real you. More often than not, people have to pretend and tweak themselves to fit into the real world. That is the hard reality of life but at the same time, it is difficult to let go of someone who offers a respite from all this. Be his confidante and don’t be judgemental about him.

50. This one is a huge secret so don’t reveal it. Guys have emotions and they want someone they can connect to emotionally even though they pretend otherwise. In fact, it’s more difficult for a guy to leave someone he connects to emotionally than it is for a girl.

This fab relationship advice post is written by Avani. One of her most popular articles is “Questions to Ask a Guy.” She also wrote “25 Reasons To Break Up With Your Boyfriend” for this Passionate Living Blog. 


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