Need a self-care break? Lavender Infused Honey is healing, soothing and empowering.

Here is a recipe from Damali Abrams, the Glitter Priestess.

Do you have suppressed emotions or repressed emotions? When we don’t give ourselves permission to feel our feelings, we block our own power.

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Lavender Infused Honey Recipe

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Learn how to make lavender infused honey – a delicious and soothing treat.

Unedited Transcript:


Hi. Today I decided I need to make some lavender infused honey. I was teaching this workshop last weekend at a PTA meeting, which was amazing workshop about mindfulness and self-care. And then one of the things that we did was we made some lavender infused honey. So I decided I should make a video about it. Okay, so all you need are three things. You need a jar. This is the little glass jar that I have leftover from something I bought. It was like a CBD honey, I think lavender, which I ordered from mountain Rose herbs is English lavender flowers hole.

It’s pretty expensive though, honey, that I bought from Fairway. She says wallflower honey. Also pretty expensive. Oh, let me show off my brace. Let real quick, hold on. Let me, I have lavender in my hands. So the first thing you want to do is fill the jar one third with lavender, like the Holden a, fill it up with my intentions and my hands, whenever I’m making anything, I’m always putting in sanctions into it. So that’s something to just keep in mind. Lavender is really helpful with anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches. So it’s a very soothing, relaxing herbs. So lavender is one of my faves and I make lots and lots of lavender things all the time and probably be making a lot coming up. We’re going into winter, we’re in full into one’s hair and this is the time when all of the emotions hit me.

This is more like, it looks like a half more than one third. I don’t know. This is a difficult job but it’s fine. Okay, let me show off my bracelet now. My niece gave me this. If you, do you remember these? These were cool when I was little, I guess they’re back. So, um, my sister in law bought a bunch of these for my niece and my niece gave me this one, which is perfect for me. It’s black and purple, sparkly. I love it. Lavender is also anti antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it can be used externally on bug bites and things like that. And I love to use honey as a face mask. Honey has antioxidants and it’s really great for your skin too. So it’s good internally and externally as well as lavender. Lavender is associated with the planet mercury, which it’s interesting because mercury is retrograde right now and we need a lot of relaxing lavender during the retrograde mercury.

I want it to burn some lavender while I was doing this, but I forgot I still taping this so then you just fill the jar with honey. Metaphysically lavender is used for to attract love, protect from negative dream magic, which makes sense because it’s associated with sleep. I’m just kind of moving the lavender around as I add the honey because a lot of times the lavender can get stuck on the top or the bottom. I’ve tried it a couple of different ways and so I would recommend just keeping it moving while you add the lavender as well as after you can also start, but in my experience a lot of the lavender winds up getting stuck to the stir. What do you use a spoon or are you using I’m going to go all the way to the rim with my honey. I tend to over honey.

So then we’re going to leave this for four to six weeks to infuse. Well, well, well worth the wait, I promise. It will smell good. It will taste good, right? And then when this is finished, you can use it the way you would use any honey. You can use it to sweeten your tea or coffee and you can use it as a spread on your toast. You can use it however you would use honey, which someone is like, but I don’t use honey. Be creative. Use it. It’s when I said I told them one, you can put it on your toast and she was like, put it on your toes. What is that going to do? And I’m like, Hey, if you want to, if you have someone who’s going to look it over your toes, by all means put it on your toes. So that’s lavender infused honey. Don’t forget to hit like give me a thumbs up. Subscribe, click on the little bell so that you can get notifications. Whenever I’m posting new videos and thank you so much for watching. Bye.



How to Make Lavender Infused Honey (1)

How to Make Lavender Infused Honey (1)