Hey Rockstar,

I just returned from an amazing trip that included a tour of my motherland of Guyana, South America, family “reunion” with fabulous people closely related to me who I’d never met, a celebration of the 170th emancipation anniversary of the village of Buxton, and an insane allergic reaction!


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1. Eat.
Hala Food on My Birthday in Berbice, Guyana
Guyanese food is a delicious blend of African, Indian and Chinese cultures. My faves are pepper pot, roti and curry, pine tarts and sorrel drink. This is a rice and chicken Halal Meal that I had near the border of Surinam. Look for Guyanese recipes coming soon.
2. Visit Berbice Beach
My Shadow on My Birthday on Berbice Beach

Yup. That odd boxy figure is me in a weird tank top at Berbice Beach on my birthday! It was a lovely spa-like experience that included a rainbow and finding coins in this warm, sandy, Atlantic Ocean. The water was brown – but not dirty at all. Just different. Loved it.

Special Video Note: YES – my skin is a mess. It happens in Guyana. I go from Naomi Campbell chocolate to Alek Wek ebony, which is nice, but then the mosquitoes, eczema and allergies get the best of my skin in the sun. 

3. Geek it Out at the National Museum.
Emancipation Campfire
I enjoyed the Guyana National Museum in Georgetown. It included slavery artifacts and history which I enjoyed and stuffed animal taxidermy which I did not. However, despite a plea to increase tourism, they don’t allow photography. That’s why I am sharing a photo of the Emancipation Celebration Buxton Campfire instead.

4. Flora and Fauna at the Botanical Gardens.
Abiola at Great Grandmother Ma's House in Guyana 3
As I said I have super sensitive skin and crazy allergies, especially in the jungle, which is essentially what my beloved Guyana is. My body was covered with an uncomfy and gross rash reaction to the mosquitoes, chiggers and shower water. Therefore I couldn’t go to the zoo or botanical gardens but I hear they’re fun. Instead, here I am at my mom’s grandma’s house which has lovely enough flowers for me!
5. Hang Out at The Guyana Sea Wall
Namaste on the Guyana Sea Wall

The best time to go is Sunday night. Because there are no sidewalks in Guyana I don’t recommend walking. Especially if you have a fear of loose wild dogs. I’m just sayin’. 

Here’s Damali describing the experience.

6. Drink Coconut Water
Coconut Water Diary at Surinam Border 3

7. Dance at Club Mojo.
Damali, Abiola, Diana on my Birthday at the Surinam Border
Mojo’s Cocktail Lounge on Main Street in Georgetown is hot! I went with my sisters Damali and Diana. This is us on my birthday, which was a Thursday, but we checked out the club on a Friday. Be prepared to dance your face off…
8. Fashion.
Delisa and Guyana Fashion
This is my oh-so-fierce lil cousin Delisa. That is all.
9. Wrestle an Alligator!
Ovid and the Alligator!
That’s my bro and the gator is real.
10. Stop by the Castle at Anandale.
 Why live in a regular home when you can live in a castle? That’s what these people decided. Yes, the castle is a private house. When I build mine you’re invited!
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