About Altun Ha, Belize According to the Belize Institute of Archaeology, the site’s name means “Rockstone Water,” and is a Yucatec Mayan approximation of the name of the nearby village of Rockstone Pond. In Yucatec Mayan, haltun is a stone water deposit or cistern, and ha means water. An ancient emblem glyph for the site has been identified, but its phonetic reading is not currently known. – via Wikipedia


When a powerful group of my amazing clients and I headed to Belize a couple of months ago for my Goddess Pray Love Retreat, we visited the Altun Ha and Lamanai pyramids aka the Mayan ruins.
We learned that some of the Mayan pyramids were built so that you had to bow down to the gods with love and respect as you climbed.

If you try to climb up these pyramids without bowing in reverence, you fall.

I think it’s the same when you are given gifts and talents and a calling.

And if you having the courage (when you feel a calling) to build your own Spiritpreneur tribe and launch your courses as a coach, healer, creative guru, that is an act of reverence. 

Your life is a gift— and your giving back and living with joy is also a gift.

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Goal: Don’t leave the planet with your music still in you because you were getting ready to get ready to get ready.


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Climbing the Altun Ha Ruins in Belize, Central America