Your Zodiac Sign: February Horoscopes for Love and Life!

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Here’s your horoscope for the month of love!

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Your Astro Affair Astrology by Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull

This is your month, your space. This month, work out plenty and spend a lot of time in silence. Don’t allow yourself to be baited into any arguments or debates. In fact, I’d strongly advise researching various “silent retreats,” they’re out there. If you should attend a “10 [or 7] Days of Silence” retreat, and if you drive there, try to drive the speed limit only. Yes, challenge yourself to do this, if you can. It does wonders for helping to heal the ego. If you should take public  transportation, try to avoid conversing with anyone, especially while in transit. Tote a good book with you, one that’ll enthrall you. Put a cover on it, so no one is prompted to ask you about the book or distract you by trying to engage you in conversation. Also, wearing your headphones with soothing instrumental music playing is good too to tune out the noise around you also the noise in you.

Aquarius, think back, remember when you were young and someone, a pal possibly, shared their sunflower seeds or other goodies with you? And for some reason those seeds were the most tastiest kernels you’d ever palmed. So much so, you said, “I’ma go cop me a bag!” Once you did, you ate them, they were good, but for some strange celestial reason, just not as good as the bunch that was shared with you earlier. You know why?

“S h a r i n g” is magical. And it’s an Aquarian lot. You notice the symbol for your sun sign, right? Yes, The Water Bearer, pouring out its waters of knowledge and love on to the universe.

Also note: when the seeds were being “poured” into your hand, that “pouring” gesture activates the Aquarian principle. Even if you’re not conscious of it–it still does. This is why Aquarians are labeled the humanitarian (i.e. Oprah). Not saying that you’d never run into a selfish Aquarian, to say think this way would be narrow thinking. To narrow down a definition of a whole constellation to just the few that you know (other than yourself), is indeed narrow thinking.

In any of my astro-writings, know that in most instances, I’m speaking of the vibration of a particular constellation and or its corresponding sign. Not just the few folks we know that’s that sun sign. There are over six billion people on the planet. And the galaxies and constellations are even more vast than that. It’s too expansive a lot to ever narrow. And your sun sign is definitely about E X P A N D I N G its mental scope.

Study all you can on them (cell salts) and if you find that you can benefit from them, I highly recommend adding the supplement of Nat Mur cell salts to your vitamin intake for the duration of the sun being in Aquarius. It’s said to add to the overall sense of well-being. Remember, once the sun enters Pisces cease taking them. You can resume next year once the sun is in your sun sign again and so forth. When the moon is in Aquarius, consume Mag Phos (Leo’s corresponding cell salt), but only for a couple of days–while the moon is courting the water bearer.

Enjoy your sweet muteness this month. Pamper yourself. Massage your body with warm olive oil. Meditate often. Add Myrrh essential oil drops (I’d go with seven drops) to your hot sea salt baths. Light organic bees wax candles. And above all, be silent about your silence. Tell no one about your fasting from talking. Secrets are ruled by Scorpio. And Pluto rules Scorpio. This can only further empower the spiritual work rendered here. Sure, they’ll miss your calls and or your posts on any of the social networking sites, but you can explain it all (if you so choose) to them next month. Happy Healing! *Smiles*


February is a time to sell your own hand-made creations. Visit a craft store, make a few purchases, return home and create. Keep a “working candle” going while creating. This activates the fifth house while you design. If you like to bake, host a bake sale for a cause. A cool epiphany may spark for you while you’re engaging in this fun outlet. Just dive all in with an open heart. Oh — and keep your eye on a Taurus this month.


We know you can get just as fiery with the best of them. But for February, try to avoid any fiery neighbors. This is not the month to beef with them. If you like, if there’s a Bontanicas in your neighborhood, go in and cop a bag of Sal Negra, sprinkle some of it on your doorstep. This product is said to help keep unwanted neighbors at bay. Also, if you can, try to avoid getting in the car with a Gemini (or its opposite, Sag), or a fellow Aries (or your opposite, Libra).

In keeping with honoring the alchemy of opposites I must say, the ride could go either way: bumpy or smooth. With either kinetic state, some cosmic lesson is encased therein. You choose if it resonates or not. “Even when you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” ~Dave Chappelle Also, Mr. or Ms. Aries, watch the double-talk–theirs and yours.


Taurean find a Gemini and cook for them in your home. This doesn’t necessarily have to be one of those “candlelit dinners” of sorts–there doesn’t have to be a single romantic note in the equation; unless you prefer it to be. 🙂

Your dinner guest could be a Gemini child you’re mentoring, a Gemini gal-pal, any Gemini will do (well, not “any”, don’t wanna summon one that’s not mentally-stable). ‘Just send the invite, cook, and wait for their arrival. Treat them with tender loving care. Something from y’all discourse over dinner may prove VERY insightful to you. Go in with an open heart, one filled with love.


Write a play for your kids. And perform it for the elders in the family on a Sunday, before the month ends. If you have no children, then gather some and take them to see a play where there’s elders in the cast. This action will prove very satisfying to your ancestors. Don’t allow your ego to allow you to entertain common skeptical trepidation here. I know you’re probably like, “Huh?” Just trust that Mama Turnbull calculated rightly when it came to interpreting this month’s astro-math.


Gobble up all the overtime you can. If you don’t work for an employer in the conventional sense or netting overtime isn’t possible where you do work, then after work, volunteer somewhere for a couple of hours. It’ll only be for a month. I know, most Cancerians can’t wait to get home. But just trust me on this. This monthly journey of you puttin’ in more work, being of service to others, could usher in a whole new thought process for you–one for the better. And the new people you stand to meet while doing this honest volunteer work could also prove to be apt compensation enough. You’ll see. *Smiles*


In the spirit of wholeness, if your opposite sign (Aquarius) has a certain aspect, you’d be certain to expect a similar cosmic tugging your lion mane or lionness whiskers. The feline forecast I have for you, Ms. Sekhmet, is exactly that–avoid all “catty encounters” at all costs. Male lions, avoid all mindless moot debates, online or in person. No, you won’t be perceived as a punk for choosing to ignore ignorance. Note how “IGNORance” is even spelled.

If I were a Leo, I’d also partake of the silent-exercise intimated to Aquarians above. Could you imagine the power if you do that? That’s 180 degrees of powerful psychic synchronicity. You and your opposite sign, albeit, one you may not know, yet you do know them; in the inner plane. This sameness in silent discipline, the universal mother will recognize this and bind y’all in a wonderful cosmic healing. Yes, this is good advice for any time of the year, however, with the aspects concerned, it’s heightened for February. Also, find a Libra and kiss them. 🙂


Your health can transform for the better or worse this month. You’re usually on top of yourself with this regard. Stay that way. Focus on bettering you versus focusing on (critiquing) “what’s wrong with them?” If it don’t apply let it fly.
Also, find an Aquarian and have them pour something on you or for you. Find one that you like and who likes you. Whether it be pouring more warm water in your bath, while you’re in it; or drawing you a bath. Or pouring you a cup of tea. Pouring seeds in the palm of your hand. *Wink*

Or draping a bedspread over you while in bed about to take a midday power nap. If you can get this activity to occur at least three times this month, all the better. But remember, it has to be an Aquarian of good nature, and again, one that sincerely cares about your best interest and vice versa. If not, the reverse of your intention could occur. Moreover, Aquarius is one of the fixed signs, you’d be hard-pressed to get one to do something they don’t wanna do anyhow. Hence, if they’re doing it, they wanna do it–and it’s from the heart.


All the Libras that are academics, this is your month to shine. Not stating that you should slack on studying, just know you’re likely to ace any exams. Especially the law students. To maintain the same scholastically shining inner-energy throughout the academic year, I’d suggest “sharing,” sharing is the water bearer’s instrument. Also wearing February’s birthstone, Amethyst, remember to clean this stone in sea salt before wearing it. Sport the color blue as often as you can, and say this mantra before the test: “Just like February. Everything works out in my favor, Everything!” Say this three times in sets of three. Keep a clear mind and proceed.

*Remember the stars only impel they don’t compel. The sheer strength of your will power can override the math of the constellations. In short, with a strong will you can make the luck of a former month duplicate its mathematical vibration whenever you so choose.

Libras that are not academics, great month to take a course, a workshop, travel and play lotto. Hey, you never know.


Like Gemini, put on a play or go see a play. Only you don’t have to take any children with you; unless you choose to, of course. But it’s not an ardent cosmic nudging this month. I also suggest that you write a letter to your local politicians about something that’s been troubling you regarding your community. It doesn’t have to be hostile letter, just a candid one.
If writing is not your forte, yet this civic exercise strikes you as something you would wanna do, been longing to do, have someone else pen your candid words. Try to find a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius to do it for you; even a Cancer with a lot of air in their chart can ghostwrite succinctly for you.


Have fun! If you have vacation time, use it. If you’re one of the fortunate ones on the planet that just so happen to love their vocation and you don’t see it as a place to take off from to have fun, because it IS FUN. Then up the ante there. Just plan a splendid twenty-nine! And look, it’s a leap month too. Twenty-nine simplifies to a master number. If you’re one of those (born on the 11th or the 22nd of the month) too, all the better.
This month, be charitable, remember to share and try to do so in a “pouring” fashion. For example: Share with many, the collective. Make a great percentile of your fun cultural; for example visit museums, produce a documentary, etc. And of course, remember to kiss an Aquarian.


Find a Y and take a few swimming lessons. If you already know how to swim (you’re the sea goat, swimming is instinctive for most of y’all), then still go to the Y to do exactly that. But exercise, move in a rhythmic fashion. Working in the studio (painting, dance or music, etc.) should prove rewarding. If you bump into a Pisces while there, engage him or her…see where that leads? They could share quite a secret with you. If they do. Carry that secret with you to the grave, tell no one! Yet, allow its content to inspire you to help a stranger. Without the stranger knowing it was YOU that helped them. This is a VERY POWERFUL gesture. The Akashic Records records this act as highly favorable.

Have a great month!


Copyrights 2012 Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull. Feel free to email your astrology questions to

Disclaimer: For Entertainment Purposes. If you choose to entertain yourself by heeding any of the above astro-advice, though issued from one of the cleanest hearts and astro-astute minds, know that that choice is still yours to actualize. In all honesty, all your choices are exactly that–YOURS. It’s too late in the day to maintain the stagnate position of perpetual blame-placing. No growth there. Heal from that “stuck” mental space. So you can soar! Hetepu.