Beverly Johnson: Wig Line, Skin Care and Beyond! An Iconic Supermodel Interview

Hey Rockstars!

Iconic diva Beverly Johnson is moving beyond her African American wig line and moving into multicultural skin and hair care. I have interviewed authors, actors, comedians, musicians and rock stars, but here’s my first interview with a living breathing supermodel. I caught up with the beautiful and flawless entrepreneur on the red carpet at Millesime at the Carlton Hotel in Manhattan.

Beverly is gearing up for a new reality TV show called “Beverly’s Full House” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. In addition to sharing the scoops on her skin care and her glamorous party, of course Beverly and I had to talk love and relationships. The man behind the maven was there to share his goals for helping Beverly to become even more of a lifestyle brand than the icon already is. And guess what? Beverly credits love as the secret to her happiness. Seems like she found a great guy — and she deserves to be happy.

Check out the interview above, and if you can’t see the video click here for my Beverly Johnson exclusive.

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