Can Mixing Love & Religion Work? Take II. I said yes, but this viewer says no…

My favorite part of The Passionista Playbook is dialogue. I cover the topics you tell me you want to know more about. I love when viewers talk back. Like when I made a video asking Does Size Matter? and then two viewers made their own size matters videos. I love dialoging with you on the chat box, twitter, facebook and youtube.

Last week my love advice vlog was about Interfaith Relationships. I offered a series of helpful questions that you should ask yourself to help you figure out mixing religions and love would work for you. Basically my point was that, yes of course interfaith relationships could work, but you have to work ’em.  

We had a great conversation going about love and religion on the youtube page but one married viewer disagreed ExceptionalChic04 and made a video to express her personal beliefs. 
In the video below she tells here why Interfaith Relationships Would Never Work For Her. Watch YouTuber ExceptionalChic04- Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ms. Exceptional!

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