How much do we love pole fitness! This is the perfect passionista prescription to get back in touch with your body, physical strength and personal power. Pole dancing fitness classes are growing in popularity. These classes can give you a full body workout and have you in great shape in no time. The inspiring video below proves that Pole Dancing really is for all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Carolyn is a 72-year-old pole dancing phenomenon at Xtreme Pole Fitness studio. Check mama out! She’s an inspiration to all as she let’s nothing stop her! -aa

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce people realized that strippers were in such good shape from all of the dancing and pole dancing, it was only time before someone created an exercise program that utilizes the pole.

Pole Dancing 101.

Pole dancing is a type of dance that uses gymnastics and dance. The acrobatic moves work to strengthen the core, arms and legs. Most people think of pole dancing as something that is only done in strip clubs, but that style of dance has also been used in circus performances and cabarets. It is quite common to see pole dancing and acrobatics in Cirque de Soleil performances in Las Vegas and around the world.


Pole dancing is so much more than stripper dancing. In the 1990’s, it was introduced as an exercise regimen.

There are even pole dancing competitions and there is a group of people working to get competitive pole dancing in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Total Body Workout.


If you are looking for an exercise program that strengthens the whole body, using dancing poles  is an excellent choice. There are many health clubs and studios that offer pole dancing classes for women and men. The classes usually involve more than just pole dancing, with warm ups and basic exercises like squats, crunches and planks. You might also notice a few yoga poses for stretches before and after you get on the pole.

Start at the Beginning.

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When you decide to pursue a stripper pole dance class, you should try to find one that teaches beginning skills and then builds on those skills. You do not want to start in a class that is at an advanced level, because you might end up hurting yourself trying to copy the moves that the class has been practicing for a while.

What to Wear.


People who participate in pole dancing exercise classes usually wear dance-like clothing. It is best to wear tight fitting clothing because if you invert on the pole, your shirt will invert with you, too. Many people will wear similar clothes that they would wear to a yoga class. You should expect to sweat. It is also good to know that the first few classes will be very challenging as you learn to use your muscles to hold on to the pole.

Top Pole Fitness Skills.

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You will have to build strength in your abs, arms and inner thighs so you can stay on the pole. The moves that you will do include inversions, where you hold on to the pole with your legs and/or arms. You will also do climbs, which are exactly what they sound like. If you had difficulty climbing the rope in elementary gym class, you might find the pole challenging, too – except that the pole does not move.

Respectable and Fun Form of Exercise.

Pole dancing classes are great alternatives to the traditional exercise classes. People no longer have to worry about a stigma attached to the classes because they are taught in respectable health clubs and dance studios. Just like with every exercise class, they develop confidence in the participants who are able to see their own personal growth.

Ready? Set… Dance!

Written by Andy Lee at The LA Shop.

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