Are Kegels truly the workout for the lazy? We don’t know about that but Kegels are also one of the most important exercise activities a woman can do. Kegels have incredible health benefits that make this easy PC muscle clenching motion totally worth your time. In the video below, “How to Kegel & Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor,” Physical Therapist Michelle Kenway shares professional training techniques. AND as a bonus we include 7 fun SomeeCards to pass on to your friends…


Kegel exercises are the fancy term for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the row of muscles that connects the entire lower pelvis, cradling your lady parts together including the urethra, rectum and vagina. You’re soon to discover this set of muscles in much more important then arms, biceps or even stomach muscles. Sure working out your arms can make you look good, but doing Kegels have 3 health benefits that your arms could never provide.

The Easiest Exercise of All!

Yeah, yeah. We Americans are always looking for the easy way out – remember the commercials that claim “Loose pounds and inches while you sit” and pills that claim to “burn fat as you sleep”. Of course we all know now that’s snake oil, maybe herbs like cayenne pepper will boost metabolism but it’s far removed from a “fat burner”.

Why even mention this? Because Kegels are literally the exercise you can do sitting down! That’s right ladies! The easiest workout possible with tons of benefits you’ll love later.

How do I Get Started?

These Kegel instructions are quick to the point, covering the most important stuff you need to know. Bodybuilders use equipment as it helps give better results, in this case their is some Kegel exercise equipment that helps these muscles work even harder. Ben Wa Balls have been used for centuries and offer resistance to the muscles while nestling in the vagina.

By incorporating gravity with small weighted balls, the muscles are going to automatically clench to keep them from falling out. The result is a constant flex and workout – even while you’re watching TV!

What are my Kegel Benefits?

Finally, here are 3 reasons why you’ll want to get started on the easiest workout of your life:

1. Easier childbirth.

Lamaze classes will almost always teach a Kegel routine because it helps women better control the muscles during contractions of labor and delivery. Furthermore, it promotes perineal healing which is something pregnant women don’t really want to talk about but they all know it’s coming… It’s a good boost to help the body repair itself after this “vaginally stressful” event.

2. Prevent incontinence.

pelvic diagram woman's bodyInitially, women may scoff stating only old ladies leak pee when they laugh, but so do new moms! Childbirth stretches these muscles allowing urine to leak out during sneezing, coughing or laughing. Keeping the muscles toned is going to minimize stretching during childbirth and tighten them to their original position after.

3. Create More Pleasure.

An easy exercise that also creates stronger pleasure? Are you kidding? No! It’s true! The premise behind this result is due to the anatomy – upon closer inspection, the pelvic muscles run right underneath the vagina and are connected to the muscles running up the vaginal canal.

The Big O in a nutshell is the repetitive clenching of muscles. If the muscles are strong, they can clench harder. Your result is stronger pulses, a beautifully noticeable impact that alone should be reason to do your Kegels on a daily basis.

Tell a Friend: Kegel Reminder Cards to Pass On!

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PC Squeeze Red Light Alert.

Many women forget to do Kegels, after all, it requires hardly any thought so it’s really easy to forget about however it’s easy to train your mind to remember to clench those lower muscles regularly.

During your daily commute, when you’re stopped at a red light in traffic, start the exercises. Continue until the light turns green. Practicing this daily PC Squeezes routine will create muscle memory in no time at all, it will be a force of habit at every red light. Then one day, you’ll wonder why it felt so good and when you’re old and gray, you’ll love not having to wear a diaper when you go to a comedy club!

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