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Nutrisystem Sloppy Joe Mix

A twist on the Nutrisystem Sloppy Joe – inspired by my recent trip “home” to Guyana, South America where roti and curry are king. Or queen!
Ingredients: Sloppy Joe Mix or Ground Turkey, red and black pepper, corn, roti -Yay!
1. In a sauce pan mix spices and your ground meat with tomato sauce if you’re cooking from scratch. Nutrisystem Sloppy Joe Mix if that’s how you roll. 

Nutrisystem Sloppy Joe Mix Bubbling

2. Add loose corn kernels – fresh, frozen or from a can with butter or a butter substitute. Mix and spoon onto roti. (My family roti recipe in the future.) 

Roti, Sloppy Joe, Corn

3. Fold closed and enjoy burrito style!!! See it in action in the video below. Yes, roti traditionally goes with curry but I enjoy it with everything from my Nutrisystem sloppy joes to peanut butter and jam!! Blame it on my past as a latchkey kid. Yum.

Roti and Sloppy Joe Closed

Weird but yummy! Roti, corn & #nutrisystem sloppy joes with pepper…

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