Here’s news you can use. I have a new advice series on UK that specifically addresses the dating dilemmas of black women.

If you’re not a black woman, don’t worry, you can listen in, too, and feel free to share…

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Thankfully, most of the stigmas are gone when it comes to dating online. It has become the norm to head to the internet when you are seeking that special someone. The nature of love hasn’t change — just where we go to find it. UK has a new Black Dating vertical that offers advice on love, dating, marriage, and relationships.

I happen to have it from a great authority that this is advice you can use. How do I know? Well, because the advice comes from me — I am directly addressing the concerns that you’ve brought to me from your advice letters!

Of course, there are many dating issues that are the same across cultures, genders, and sexual orientations:

  • How do I find someone who loves me just for me?

Then there’s advice that is specific to certain communities. dating and relationship advice

Here are six of my latest posts in the Match UK Black Dating Series.

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1) Is Your Hair Texture Affecting Your Dating Life?

2) Interracial Dating Issues, Tips, Advice

3) Are Black Women Invisible When It Comes to Dating?

4) Dating Black People from Backgrounds Different from Your Own

5) Is There a Trade-off Between Romance & Finance?

6) Can I Be An Independent Woman and a Wife?


P.S. Find them all here.

Photo images via Match UK.