Are you ready for a shift? A sacred energy shift? This is especially for the lightworkers, changemakers, healers, coaches and speakers. That’s right! For my spiritpreneur sisters. 


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Stop Tolerating Your Self Sabotage - Energy ShiftHola Darling Spiritpreneur Sister,

This is SO exciting.
Congrats again on signing up for the free Spiritpreneur Unblocked Energy Shift and doing something for YOU.

(And if you haven’t signed up yet, head to right now and join us!)

We actually begin on SUNDAY when I send the first ritual prompt and MONDAY (10/10/16) when YOU share and we begin to dialogue about it.
With this video, I just wanted to POP IN to answer your Qs about the Spiritpreneur Unblocked Energy Shift. (YAY!)

This Energy Shift is for YOU if:

*You are a woman leader who feels blocked from her greatness,
*If you are a coach, healer, speaker, writer who wants to make her mark,
*If you KNOW that the biggest thing holding you back is YOU.
*You can identify with the words “wounded healer.”

Spiritpreneur Unblocked Energy Shift Links:

1) Invite a goddess friend to join us at: http://UnblockMyEnergy
2) Join our brand new private FB Group at:
3) We will share on Instagram and Facebook with #spiritpreneur.
4) YouTube Live Q&A Link.


Each day, starting Sunday, I will send the next day’s ritual or practice. Then I want you to really DO THE WORK. AND I want receipts! lol
To give you a heads up – you should have already started on the first worksheet, making a list of everything you’re tolerating in your life.

This is going to be a fun journey. You deserve to be strong and empowered in your spiritpreneur spiritual business and sacred bombshell personal life.

Love and blessings,

xoxo, Abiola

P.S. Again, the free energy shifting,14-day challenge begins on SUNDAY/MONDAY. Join our brand spankin’ new private Facebook Circle now:

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