Confession: I’ve been eating a lot of birthday cake lately. And it hasn’t been vegan or gluten-free. First for my Virgo mom and now for my Libra brother. That’s after the big family b*earth-day month of July. Happy birthday, loved ones! Where are the Libras? Somewhere finding balance, we know. Libra is related to the goddess of justice. That’s what the scales are about.

Conjure woman Grear nailed it as usual with her astrological magick-making. Hail to the Queen. She has a sacred following of equally powerful Astro people. Here’s to amazing and good magic. This month has the energy of harvest and empowerment. This is your time! Lucky us…

As usual, we have left in all of the beautiful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the delicious meaning of Mama G’s unique way of communicating astrology. Her fabulous opinions are all her own. Deal with that, darlings. (And we mean that with love.)

Thanks so much to our fear-less, love-more readers like YOU who LOVE the Lady Grear’s shockingly accurate horoscopes as much as I do! Blessings and light, soul mates. -aa

October 2013 Zodiac Forecast by Grear Turnbull



The featured Libra I chose to highlight this year is famed author Bell Hooks. It was the darndest

thing, the other day I was thinking about her, yes…out-the-blue. No, I don’t know her personally.

I wish. Years ago a then-friend was on the phone telling me about an acquaintance

of his met Ms. Hooks in the street, struck up a delightful exchange and before he knew it

he found himself in her home carrying out the same pleasant discourse. Chill, don’t go there. It

was platonic & pleasant, like I said.

But this is New York City, circa 1990s…heck, it could be circa 19anynumber, and it still might

not be safe to bring some stranger home. She must have really felt a kindred connection

to him. It’s a good memory indeed, one he said he’d never forget. And you know what? I won’t

either; and I just received this sacred story via third-party. This is what came to mind…out-the-blue.

  • Back then on tha horn with tha then-homie, I closed with: “She must be an Aquarian.”
  • He replied “I don’t know…but why an Aquarian?”
  • I responded “…because they’re the humanitarian of the zodiac.” We moved on to another topic, seamlessly.
Ms. Hooks, I love your book “All About Love.” Tell me, the female rapper therein…the one
that spat back on love “what’s that?!” Is she a Virgo? Me and my pals have an idea who that was. Smiles…

Now, fast-forward to circa 2013, roughly a couple of days ago, and like I said, “that tale” came

into focus. I thought again… is Ms. Hooks an Aquarius? Hmmm, I wonder. Now with the

Internet, I can look it up… Discovered I had the element correct: Air. The search had/has her

documented as a Libra. And get this… the day I searched to find out her b-day was the same day

[listed] as her B*Earth Day!

All I could do was smile… to think about a person on their actual b-day…yet didn’t realize it…

I was taken aback…in a good way! 🙂

Library Libros Libra!

  • Whale in the Medicine Cards.
  • Y’all are the record keepers. Ark = Archive = Akashic Records.
  • Maintain clear lens when it comes to recognizing the fair ratio of things.
  • Maintain sound balance at all times. Your balance GREATLY aides the Earth’s balance.

Due to the scales, weighing and measures, I always assumed that Libra ruled math. Again, I

had the element correct: Air, Aquarius. But still… Note: you won’t find this in any astro-book,

due to the scales/weights & measures, I STILL find “Libra” to be very close to ruling “math.”

Math, numbers…the secret science of the universe.

Goddess Maat

*Can’t mention Libra without paying homage to the goddess Ma’at! Love You!

In keeping with the “Libran mind-set” at this time, tennis great Serena Williams comes to

mind…shout out to she. I started a review for she and Venus’ documentary, the one that

airs/aired on Showtime.  If you saw it, wuzn’t it good? I can watch it on repeat–so you know

it’s enthralling. Y’all stay tuned for that…my review.

Okay, what’s on deck for you Libra this October?

You may feel especially loving towards

your siblings and finally feel compelled to flirt with that cute neighbor. Just bear in mind that

some take “flirting” very serious. So if you don’t want the flirting to lead to more then don’t…

well, you’re grown, you know what’s best for you. Just flirt fair.

Remember, Libra rules “fairness.” 😉

By the way, these “flirty sensations” can carry on straight through November. Ever wondered

why feelings are transitory? Cause the planets are, they move…  Tell me why the song “Funky

Sensations” is coming to mind now? Smiles… Anyhoo, again, have fun: Sane Safe Fun!

  • An attractive woman, especially a Pisces one, there could be some challenges here–in the career center. Be patient, this too shall pass.

Psychic hunches? On TEN! Jot each and every one ‘em down. They should come at rapid

speed too. Walk with a little notebook to record quick entries. Analytical abilities will be

sharp! Especially regarding matters that are behind-the-scenes, if you will.

libra zodiac advice

There’s this nagging paradoxical aspect here, one that reflects that this may be the season to

recharge your existing relationship, yet there’s a loophole, one where by the full moon it’ll feel

like it’s time to sever it.

If you do decide to…


I can tell ya right now, you sure stand to feel compelled to exact both. Torn!

Here’s where that infamous “Libran Indecision” comes in.

  • Don’t beat yourself up over feeling torn.
  • Weigh all the pro’s & cons then balance the scales accordingly.  
  • Here’s something else most Librans are accused of: Passive Aggressiveness.

Never feel bad here.

I find it sadly odd we live in a world where “the aggressive” is saluted and the

“passive aggressive” or “non aggressive” is scorned. #Warped

Gesh, what kind of war-mongerin’ world is this???

Logically, there should be some p a u s e before one is aggressive with another, especially if they

are the one initiating the aggression. #ThinkFirst


But for now, Libra, this season, your season, the stars advise: Just do it

No, nothing foul…usually not y’all nature no how. But just do all the items on the list you’ve

been putting off; be it “The Bucket List” or whatever kind of list. Just get to it!

No more procrastination. Make the decision! Shalimar’s song “Make that Move” comes to mind

suddenly. #musicstaysonthadome


  Give it a listen…groovy groves could facilitate desired movement. 🙂

Near the 21st some monies owed should return. Set the stage for it by sending out friendly

little “reminders.” Also, make room for “new” by donating the “old.”

If the above is carried out orderly and righteously it should feel like the world is your oyster.

Twenty-One is your key number this month.

Have a Happy One, Libra! <3



The New Moon in Libra falls in your 12th House on the 4th. Forgiveness. Forgiveness.

Forgiveness. Which can be a little challenging for most Scorpions due to the fact that

Scorpio rules revenge. The art of forgiveness has always been an interesting study for me. It

seems that most are quick to forgive those they like and like to be around versus simply forgiving

for the sake of sanity. ‘Cause as we all know, it’s really for YOU versus the violator that

forgiveness benefits. Forgiving liberates YOU. It lightens the heart.

Now, don’t be no fool. Don’t continue to avail yourself to the offender. This is NOT forgiveness,

this is foolishness–like I said above.


Some bullies wanna dictate [what they do best] how you should forgive. Citing: “Well, if

you truly forgave me you wouldn’t still be holding a grudge.” Sigh… They equate your

absence with “holding a grudge,” they’re mad they can’t control your moves; the fact that you

took charge of your own life in that way annoys the bully. Sigh… Tell them this, well, tell them

in your words, this is how I’d say it: “I’m not holding a grudge. I’m just not holding on to you.”

You can totally forgive & forget…forget the ill incident AND definitely forget them.


Now, you gotta question why it is that you can so readily forgive the offenders that offended far

worse than you can forgive this one here? That’s something you’d have to work out within

yourself…really, again, for yourself.

All this emotional c l e a r I n g is a good & necessary pre-cursor to setting the stage for Love

next month, your month, Scorpio.


On the 16th [of this month] there’s some kind of unexpected money shown. Prep the stage for it.

Ask for a raise, in writing, verbally, however–be sincere, seriously sincere…especially if you

truly deserve it. Yes, we know, the economy is bad. But…ask anyway…never know till you do.

Act fast! This window [of fiscal opportunity] could close as quickly as it opens. Prodigy of

Mobb Deep, another Scorpion, speaks of such a “window” & “timing” in his memoir.

Great effin’ read, btw!

I notice how most Scorpions love to study other Scorpions’ lives.


Radio Jock Miss Jones, another Scorpio, I once heard her say of women “We hold on to things”,

she meant this in the ‘grudge’ sense. And I immediately agreed. Then…wondered…then voiced

right then and there [while listening to the radio] “… But why?” I didn’t know.


A little later on, like…later that week, I was in tha basement chillin’ wit’ my ex-husband listening

to his record spins, analog, gotta love it!

He plays Eddie Kendricks’ “Intimate Friends”, love the groove.  Something Mr.

Kendricks sounds/sings near the end of the tune “…loving cup…so warm.”

Silly most oft-oblivious me, didn’t even catch its full meaning at first.

Ex-Hubby sure did! And said/sang so.

Right then and there for whatever epiphanical reasons, Miss Jones words came rushing back as to

why “we hold on to things,” the cup.


Held the whimsical notion for a bit then let that epiphany fly; didn’t even take care to jot it

down–what I usually do and as you can see what I typically advise to do here in so many of my columns.

Carried on in casual convo wit’ ex-hubby like Thoth didn’t just drop me a jewel. 

Now fast forward about five years, summertime in the jungle of Costa Rica, a dance class, the

dance instructor spoke to why “we hold on to things”, the cup, the vagina. She actually used that

term too: “the cup.”


Y’all! I stood up in the all woman circle and yelped in glee “I KNEW IT!”

Pour it out. Let the tide go out… to return to the shore (sure) anew.  In the proverbially sense,

empty your cup to replenish–fresh clear pure waters…you strong water sign, you.

Look at the tides in the ocean, ebbing and flowing. Yin & Yang. When those waters are just

flowing out, we have a problem–drought. And if the ebb…just EBB…y’all that’s definitely


Balance is moor than KEY, IT’S SURVIVAL. #Sanity

Psychic tendencies are heightened. Trust them.

A Sagittarian co-worker can assist you well in growing that gwop….for a limited time only.

Know your personal transits to figure out when that Sag time, their aid should be up.

Old friends may think you’re straight buggin’, but no worries: Transformation is YOUR station.

Own it!


  • New friends on deck, especially: Aries, Aquarians, Virgos and fellow Scorpions. They may look to you to be the leader in some way–don’t choke, just do da damn thing!


That Pisces co-worker…tensions build…dreamy sexy tensions. Enjoy them now!

A misunderstanding of some sort is indicated by mid-month.

An unseen hand is set up to extend itself to you…embrace spirituality.

The way the number “9″ is sounded and spelled in Spanish is a direct indicator that

November, your month, was your original time slot. Keep a close eye on the “9″.

End of the month shows extreme FUN to be had!  Prep for it now. 🙂



 Venus will be in your sun sign soon, landing in your solar first house; making your

 attracting power fiery and dynamic! Be careful. While you may attract desirables there’s

always the chance of violent attraction too: undesirables. Always be aware of irony.

New friends is highlighted for you as well. Be out, be social. Have fun. But…note: Conflict

is also shown.  Life: One BiG Ball of Irony. Keep your eye on the number “5″ and still…Have Fun! 🙂


A family secret can spill. But this one should net healing versus howling. Or…maybe after

a little howling, the healing can commence.

Some kind of upset is shown with a roommate, neighbor or landlord. It’s seems minor, don’t

get too bent-out-of-shape–see what the problem truly is before reacting.


Any supervisors, bosses, especially ones that are Virgos…tension shown. Be aware.

Try to get away from it all by the 17th, drama indicated if you stick around.

Though a family secret may spill, don’t take on any more: secrets.

If anyone tries to confide in you with the preface “Don’t tell anyone…” Stop them! Advise them

to take their own advice of ‘Not telling anyone’ and they can start by not telling you!


‘Cause what they’ll share? You may not be able to keep their confidence; certainly not this

month or most of next. Perhaps they can share that “classified data” wit’ ya some

time in December? You decide. Smiles…

  • Let go of all icky matter!

Monies look good by the end of the month for you too. Set the scene for this good-looking fiscal

incoming stream NOW.  The pep is in the prep. 🙂



The top of the month dreams could be really good or really compelling. Log them. Also,

neighbors and or friends may come across a tad esoteric or highly astute all of sudden; I’d take notes.

  • New found fairness on the job or an entirely new job is indicated with this upcoming new moon.
  • Especially if you are the quintessential Cappie, one that is well- prepared to enter such a desired new position. New moons are so good for this…especially when we’re aware of them.
  • On the 7th, take some time out just for yourself. Ruminate.
  • The 10th and beyond, you too, don’t betray someone’s trust. If you can’t “keep” it, don’t allow them to make you “hold” it.
  • Don’t fear change. Analyze it.

By the 21st you could be feeling very nostalgic, reconnect with old homies. The old cousuddenly feel like new! 🙂

An older wise man shown. Platonic in his offerings. Try not to be too guarded, no matter

how eccentric his energy.



Between the 1st & the 7th things look BIG! Go for it. Network in markets you never thought you’d

fit in…may be surprised who you meet. If the finances permit, play games of chance. Play where

you ordinarily don’t play–that’s if you play at all. If you do, do what Aquarians are known for

doing here in this gaming instance: Unpredictability.

New moon on the 4th may impel you to wanna travel or read books on traveling, far away places.

A Sagittarius shown…someone new.

Mid-month, a physical jolt bursts through! Spend this energy wisely. Eat better.


May feel a romantic urging toward someone who usually feels platonic. I know how transits

work, so I’d let the feeling pass [without acting on it].


However, if it’s just TOO STRONG for you to ignore…relax, this aspect also

shows that the friendship could survive the powerful tryst. An unusual occurrence. But we’re

talkin’ Aqua-Boogie Magick here, right? Y’all rule “unusual occurrences.”  Enjoy! 😉

You too, monies owed could be returned. From now till early December, go over the books

again; be very analytical about each entry–find the dough! Send out those friendly little

reminders. It’s yours! Go get it. 🙂 And please, try to refrain from spending [too much] money to

collect money.

The 18th on the Lunar Eclipse: Something Shocking! Pertaining to siblings and or neighbors

or a short-trip planned or even with a Gemini.

  • Most Aquarians aren’t known for RAW emotions so don’t even try to exhibit that just cause it could be all around you. Maintain your sound composure. Keep as calm as can be and rest assured clarity will be restored. The 21st Mercury goes Retrograde in your 10th: Back up old files, tune up car, don’t start any new projects, finish up the old ones, don’t rely too heavily on electronic equipment.
  • A sharp-speaking older woman is noted; one who could be an air sun sign as well. Maintain self-respect, maintain d i s t a n c e. Map it all out right by Halloween you could really feel like you’ve netted far more treats than tricks. 🙂


If you are on any of the social networking sites and you have procured some cyber-friends

from distant lands, try to entertain just them this month. No, don’t consciously cut off your

main homies [not now, this month; there are some exercises where the aspects shown would

recommend it, however] just don’t make them the instant go-to when it comes to friendly

inquiries. There’s something NEW you stand to learn from someone’s who speaks in a totally

different tongue/vernacular than you–and you wanna avail yourself to this. Even though you’re

reading this now, when “it” happens it’ll still register as an ah-ha moment.

Pisces, water signs, period, are noted as the psychic ones of the bunch. But this month the

activations ‘ll be on TEN! Keep pen and paper handy.

  • Water signs tend to be sooo creative anyway but by the 7th that “do what you love and money shall follow” vibe will be pressing…a good pressing/pressure. A loving Sag in the workplace could greatly facilitate your mission.

Now in or around mid-month… you may find yourself in a “rescue” situation. Not sure if you

are the hero or someone else? But it’ll be an enigmatic type. As suddenly as they stepped in to

help will be as suddenly as they step out to disappear. Again, enigma…Pisces realm.


Sweet reward shown on the 16th or shortly thereafter. But one which you would have earned;

thus I won’t recommend playing a game of chance here; but…do as thy whilst. 😉

Try not to sign anything or do too much business after the 21st.

As if y’all ain’t spiritual enough, but this is a very spiritual month for you, Pisces. If you

aren’t one already (Virgo opposite, makes y’all tummy’s sensitive), I’d do a vegan cleanse.

Yep, no meats and dairy this month. Meditation should be on deck too.

A young restless man is shown. If you are cleansing and meditating, he should not unnerve you. Nope, not in the least.

Lead by example. He should take note then simmer down.



Search ‘n See. Have you ever watched that cable TV show on “wills” ‘n such? There are

companies/firms that’ll host the search for you, for possible hidden or

unclaimed funds in your name–for a fee. Or, you can search the web yourself to defray that cost.

The aspects show that a few [unexpected] coins can be unearth

for the ram this month of October 2013.

New Moon in your opposilunar te sign landing in your opposite sign’s natural house of partnerships

on the fourth for you…NEW ROMANCE! Please prepare for it.


If you are already in an existing relationship then recharge it.

“…recycle renew or it’s through!” ~Chris Rock

The lunar eclipse on the 18th shows a shedding for Aries. Transmutation. Look up the Snake

medicine in the book “Medicine Cards” to get a better idea of how to “new” you.

From the 19th on…go on a virtual silent-fast. You too, if you can’t keep the secret don’t

accept it. Tell ‘em to hold their own baggage!


An older male authoritative figure appears. He’s of your ilk, ‘cept he can do it better. Moreover,

looks like he has what’s deemed legal sanction to do it–be it better or worse. Keep cool.

Cooler heads prevail. Don’t get mad, get a mirror. Wait, one has been provided–him!

Learn from the moment.



Musician and fellow Taurean Kandi Burress comes to mind, particularly that song she performed

within her then-group Xscape: “You’re my Little Secret” . The first week the sensations

will be their most intense. Not sure if you have it for them or they for you or a mutual pining.

Either way this is the month it’s likely to be materialized. Not my suggesting this just my

interpreting the aspects as they lay plain before me.

 Don’t lead anybody on. If the sentiment isn’t mutual make this clear–in a diplomatic way. Most

 bulls are solid in this nature anyhow.

  • Yoga circles are shown. Play games of chance in or around the 16th. Take mini vacation from work on the 17th. If you have time on the books, good time to, try to take at least ½ of that. If you simply don’t have the time on the books, whatever you do avoid walking in to that job on the 18th. Your lunar eclipse isn’t conducive for any formal setting where a lot of people are milling about. Stay home…again, if you can. While there, suggestion: fast & pray.


Any conflicts [where at all possible] you witness this month [of course where it’s a fair fight]

try to maintain neutrality. With your lunar eclipse aspect[s], I hope you’re not even present.

A past-life love is transiting. You’ll know it’s them cause they’ll feel soooo comfortable.


Yet in this life you’re sure they are a complete stranger. Tauruses, well, most of y’all,

aren’t too keen on being vulnerable with a stranger, but this one will feel safe to be exactly

that with. Celebrate Love! <3

  • Your # is 8 this month.

And a Leo is shown. Two fixed signs can be challenging due to all that incredible will power, but…

Well, email me all about how it goes. 😉



If you work in the film/TV industry or want to, key time to present that script. Now’s the

window! With the Internet the way it is you can do it all yourself. You know, minus big-name

studio assistance up front.

We really like how the “Awkward Black Girl” series built momentum. If you believe in your

craft showcase it. Help will come…when folks see you’re serious, aid always arrives.

House on clutter swoll? Ebay some of those [unused] items…good season for The Twins to sell.


The lunar eclipse on the 18th is a time for you to shed old habits that no longer serve you.

Those family matters should c l e a r up much better after the 19th providing honest and

respectful o p e n discourse already took place.


You know, the end of this month is beaming like the end of the rainbow energy for a few of you,

Gemini’s included. If I were you, I’d spend Halloween in a casino. 🙂

“6″ your # this month.



Most water sun signs tend to be very sensitive. This trait is even known to non-astrologers. You

know why? Because spirituality is a watery rite (elements).

Water is susceptible to all that it encounters…liken to the spirit.

Learn how to protect your tender spirit, Cancer. Keep a piece of fresh garlic clove in your left

pocket. No fooling, give it a try.

Recruit a prayer or meditation partner. Your intuition will guide you to the right one for this

sacred partnership. They’d have to be willing to commit to at least three times a week for

this therapy. And keep this connection secret; just between you two.


  • Pregnancy is possible. Either with child or with possibilities. Be on notice.
  • A co-worker will spot you…in a favorable way; especially if they are a Virgo or Sagittarius.
  • Career center looks promising.
  • Take to writing. No matter the topic, just write.

On the 18th & 19th, I’d just stay in if I were you. Take a few days off. Lunar is the moon, where

it’s said the word “lunacy” derives. Moon reps our inner-stuff, our emotions. The 18th marks

a lunar eclipse. Chile, stay home. Pamper yourself.

Nostalgia is a Cancerian station. So you bumpin’ into the proverbial “blast from the past” may

feel like the norm for you; but…this one?… yeah, that. Enjoy. 🙂


If you live in a locale where population can peak around the holidays: human congestion…I’d

stay in on Halloween–I wouldn’t open my door for “trick or treat’ers” either. A human swarm

is shown. Now it could be an orderly cheerful swarm, liken to ones we see at sporting events,

but…why chance it?


Never met a Cancer to date that just loves having a condensed crowd within close proximity.

Email me… there’s “one type” I might just open the door for if I were you…don’t wanna list

it here [in this astro-column] though. 😉



New moon in your 3rd house: Time to communicate in a new way. Or not at all if

you are already a chatty type. New moon akin to new tools. When quiet it gives

the mind a chance to cleanse anew, this is where “new ideas” are hatched.

You should feel a lot of energy the first couple of weeks of the month due to Mars being

in your 1st house in your sun sign–seize it!

  • Bike ride, jog, walk-a-thon…but make it all worth it.
  • Never move in vain, especially where athleticism is concerned.
    • Dedicate your runs, power-walks, etc., to your ancestors with love.
  • Spruce up a room in your home, change its vibration.
  • Write.

A delivery man, one of strong build is shown…especially one that makes deliveries [to your

domicile] after 4 p.m. Study him. Don’t make it just the routine open, sign, receive and close the door.

Fun exercise: Listen to Das Efex songs. Classics. They could inspire new speech patterns for the new moon.



 Be committed to those dreams. Don’t rock wit’ anyone who’s not. Stay the course.

Suggestion: On the 4th play a game of chance; choose one of your favorite Libras and play

their number. Do so with fun in your heart, not any serious determined energy. I find that when I

hit it’s usually when I wasn’t in desperate mode to win; I didn’t have a heavy heart. This energy

is labeled “the no desire, desire.”

In or around the seventh, good time to sell that item.

Romantic tensions brew in or around the 10th.


Mid-month, some possible conflicts with your opposite sign: Pisces.

Family prospects look hopeful, especially in the financial sense. Still, cross all i’s and dot all t’s.


By the 18th those “romantic tensions” could reach a fever pitch. Keep a cool head. By Halloween

things should look better for you two, that’s if…y’all survive the mid-month fevery frictions.

The 21st Mercury goes Retrograde in your 3rd House: Watch you say. It could come back to haunt

you or what you already said may return to haunt you or at least question you. Back up computer

files [all 12 signs do this!]. Travel safely, like super safe; double-check for any scheduling

conflicts. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Gemini, listen up here too..with this

Mercury Retrograde thingy.

-Hetepu <3


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