How to Make Coconut Oil as a Natural Moisturizer for Your Skin & Hair

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I grew up running around barefoot with a living breathing chicken in the wild garden and fresh coconut milk in the fridge. And no, we were in my parents’ Caribbean country, we were in New York; my parents just didn’t know it!

Patrice AKA Sweet Sister Copey, like my sister Damali, is a natural mixmaster. However, they’re not mixing up music, they’re mixing up all kinds of lotions and potions to make your skin and hair healthy. Check out Patrice’s “Don’t Be Afraid” message below on how she started her own shea butter business. And if you can’t see the How to Make Coconut Oil video, click here.

Coconut oil is great for thickening your natural or relaxed hair and protecting your hair if you wear weaves or braids. It’s also a great moisturizer for dry skin. I have naturally dry skin. My skin and hair literally drink this stuff up.

Thanks Patrice, for the great video.

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Sweet Sister Copey’s Message

Don’t Be Afraid…

Have you ever hoped, dreamed, prayed or begged  for something? Got it, worked it, then wondered how you got there?  Or better yet, pondered why you didn’t make the decision to act sooner?

My itty, bitty home based business kind of got started this way… by accident.  I remember looking around for something that I could use on my skin, that was affordable, came in a large enough container and did the job the first time around. Something that I wasn’t forced to walk around with in my purse and reapply at the bus stop while hiding behind the bus shed.

I bought a tub of yellow shea butter and as I was applying it one evening, I realized that I had a blank, creamy canvas sitting in front of me.  I added essential oils and fooled around with the scent and texture until I found an end product that I liked.  Sweet Sister Copey’s Sublime Shea Infusions was born.

Have a dream?  Don’t be Afraid…Go For It!  Faith and hard work roll hand in hand, so put them both to work. Have a fabulous new year and don’t forget to incorporate some fun. Read about how I started my business here.


Patrice AKA Sweet Sister Copey

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