“Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise that I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?” – Dr. Maya Angelou… It’s more than what you think. The video below is a flashback from my Bombshell Academy series.


Greetings Goddesses & Friends,

This week on my Mommy Noire Love Class column we talk about how to rev up your inner sexy.

For those seeking more goddess energy, check out an excerpt from my interview with the one and only Barbara Carrellas. That’s right! Delve into a snippet of my interview with the Hay House author and professional wise and wild woman after the jump. She talks about mindfulness and intimacy.

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How to Be An Irresistible Goddess of Love - and Lust!


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Barbara Carrellas, Author of Ecstasy is Necessary

Barbara: It’s about this consistent mindful practice, sometimes one of my Tantra teacher used to say that we could all, let’s say there was a thorn patch. We could walk through the thorn patch really fast as fast as we could to avoid the thorns and get to the other side. Or, we could avoid the thorn patch by walking around it. Or we could go into the thorn patch, completely and consciously be entirely immersed in the experience in being in the thorn patch. When it hurts, when we could actually avoid being hurt; but be just be totally present with the fact that there were roses in the thorn patch. The mixture of experiences and come out of the, of the other side of the thorn patch, having transcended the need of ever have to walk through a thorn patch again.

Abiola: I love that.

Barbara: And that’s what we mean by you can do anything mindfully. That is becomes transcendental, ecstatic, transformational. You can know that you are part of all that is, you can meet God, God is all that is however you interpret that; which can be as simple, as nature.

Abiola: That’s beautiful – and very practical.

Barbara: It is very practical.

Abiola: Which is really good because people hear these sorts of thing and they go, “Well Barbara that’s great but now I’ve got bills to pay,and I’m feeling frustrated and you know my husband is grumpy, and you know what do I do?”

Barbara: Take a breath. Get down into your center. Get a little lower than the center. Find the PC muscle, that’s the muscle you use to stop peeing. Find that muscle squeezing…

Abiola: Right, like kegeling?

Barbara: Kegeling that’s right. I’m starting to use the term PC squeezes.

Abiola: Oh, great!

Barbara: So that people can actually find it. Besides, kegel was named after a doctor, some white guy, so why are we calling it that? So anyway, take a breath. Connect with your own seed of pleasure, just make it feel good. Breath in and out softly. That’s actually the hard part. Simple as that is, when you’re all worried about the fact that you guy is being a jerk today, and you’ve got more bills to pay than in your account, and the kids are screaming, the hardest thing can be to stop long enough to take that breath and find that place of pleasuring your body, when you’re not feeling (inaudible), or sexy, or anywhere near that, and go “I am safe and all is well.” And that’s the simple Louise Hay affirmation.

Abiola: Yes. “I am safe, all is well.”

Barbara: The most important affirmation she ever thought me was “I am safe” because in any moment you can say the prayers “I am safe” you are and then it reminds you, “oh yeah right, “I am safe.”

Abiola: Guys and goddesses, that was really important. “I am safe.”

Barbara:  “I am safe.”

Abiola & Barbara: “All is well.”

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