As most of the western world fights its way out of recession, divorce rates continue to rise. Here are some of the reasons and ways to combat them. Thanks to Chris Mayhew for the great post.

Statistics show that women file for divorce twice as often as men do. This may be because women seem to be more concerned with making marriages better and working through the problems or (dare I say it) because men just really are that difficult to live with. (He’s kidding!) Regardless of who initiates the process, divorce figures are still on the rise with 1 in every 3 marriages failing to last past the 15th year and the average marriage coming to an end after just 11.4 years.

Some people will say that divorce is an inevitable part of marriage and that it should be expected whereas others would say that these figures are too high and maybe if we understood the causes of divorce we could establish problems earlier and work through the issues surrounding them.

I live in the UK so with England having the highest divorce rate in Europe, I am firmly in the camp for the latter argument and so here are some of the most common reasons for marriages breaking up. Here (in no specific order) are the main reasons women leave.



Not surprisingly this is the main reason cited when filing for divorce.

It is also one of the most difficult things to work through as it ultimately results in a lack of trust and it seems likely that divorce is the obvious option. However, if the signs are noticed soon enough maybe it can be dealt with.


This reason has been blamed for most of the divorces in recent years, due to the fact that the worldwide recession has impacted so much on people’s lives. Although monetary issues obviously make life very difficult at times, working together with your partner to put a plan of action into place is a lot better way to deal with it than arguing about numbers.


Thousands of women are subject to physical or psychological abuse from their partners every year and many more may be suffering in silence. Ultimately the advice here is completely the opposite as the other points; in that anyone who may be suffering from domestic violence should seek help right away and (although not as simple as it sounds) divorce is likely to be the only option.


From deciding on names for them to arguments over raising them to the stress that they create, children are often described as a reason for couples to file for divorce. However, that doesn’t mean that they should be blamed for the breakdown of a relationship.

Having children should bring a family closer together not tear it apart.

Sexual issues.

Although a long way down the list, issues related to sexual relations have been known to result in divorce. Sex is a fundamental part of any relationship but there are other ways to deal with those delicate problems than breaking up. Speaking with a therapist or even a sexologist should definitely be considered before contacting your mediator or divorce solicitor.

No longer feeling loved.

We’ve all heard the stories of those whirlwind romances where a couple meet, shower on the love in the beginning, fall in love and then get married. Well not surprisingly quite a few of these end in divorce. In cases like this, there will always be a reason why that initial attraction was there and a better option than divorce may be to try and rediscover this.

Lack of communication.

This is the biggie.

Although deserved of its own section, this reason ultimately underpins almost every other reason on the list. Communication is vital in relationships and as soon as that starts to diminish, problems fester and become worse than they were. Talking things through with your partner, close friend or marriage specialists can relieve many predicaments that a couple may be experiencing.

There will always inevitably be things in certain marriages that leave you with no other option but divorce. However, identifying any potential complications early and tackling them head on could actually save your marriage.

What do you think? Are there any more reasons that you think result in a lot of divorces?


Chris Mayhew writes here on behalf of Davis Gregory solicitors. Their trusted divorce lawyers will be able to help during a difficult time should divorce be the only option. 

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