Scared to Charge for Your Work? Overcoming The Fear Of Earning Money Or Charging For Your Services

Do you still doubt yourself? Are you undercharging?

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“I Can’t Charge Money for This”

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Hi Goddess,

It’s Abiola, and you’re watching my six video series on the Spiritpreneur Guru Roadblocks, the stuff that holds us back and keeps us playing small and not living up to our true potential.

Are you scared to charge money for the light you put into the world through your spiritual business?

The roadblock that I’m sharing in this video is the idea that money is bad or dirty or evil.

This one is huge because it mixes in our ethics and our spirituality and the whole way that we see the world.

Particularly if you are someone who is building a business around coaching, teaching, uplifting, inspiring, training, consulting, helping people move from a before to an after helping people to shine. Or a creative person.

All of those businesses, professions, vocations, callings, are usually taken by people who are empaths and givers.

People like YOU who want to make the world a better place and help other people to shine and see their full power and full potential and full glory.

The belief that money is bad or money is the root of all evil and the many different forms that it takes, keeps you undercharging, under earning, and over-delivering, not in a great way, right?

I absolutely love over delivering, but there was a time where I was over delivering in a way that was unhealthy for me. I was not putting on my gas mask first.

For example, if you have a belief that it is not spiritual to charge for your services. If you have a belief that you don’t want to ask for the sale or let people know that you are accepting clients or that you’re selling a product or program or service, you may have an underlying belief that money is dirty, bad or wrong.

You may know on an intellectual level that money is energy, and charging is an energy exchange.

But I want you to know this on a cosmic level.

I want you to know this in your bones; that every penny, every dollar that you receive is charged with all of the beauty and the light that is in the best of us, not in the worst of us.

So all of those ideas that we may have grown up with, like rich people are greedy, bad or evil.

You have to be willing to let those beliefs go because if you don’t, then you’re not going to allow yourself to be able to charge abundantly for your incredible services.

You’re not going to allow yourself to truly be able to shine and you’re not going to give your soulmate clients a way to step up and step into themselves as they invest in you and what it is that you have to offer. And so I really want you to think about what you believe to be true about money.

Do you believe that only people who inherited money should be the ones to be able to be coaches and healers and teachers?

Do you believe that only the independently wealthy should do what you do?

Do you believe that it should only be your side hustle to be able to be a creative thinker, a person that is helping to change the world and empower other people’s lives?

Do you believe that people like you should not be able to charge and make money for your services?

The same Force, the same abundance, beautiful Force that created our gardens and our oceans and our trees created you.

If you want to think about whether mother nature is abundant or stingy and greedy and sparing and holding back. Just go to a garden, go to a beach, look up in the sky. That Force which made you deals only in abundance, not scarcity.

So you aligning yourself with your abundance is really the most spiritual thing that you can do to open your arms and say, I know that that which created me, that which I am created in the image of only wants me to shine as brightly as I can.

On this earth plane that means being abundant because the more abundant you are, the more you can give, the more that you can help other people.

And what a beautiful blessing is that you can’t help others if you’re worried about how you’re going to eat and how you’re going to put a roof over your head.

So I want to challenge this thought in your mind today, my Spiritpreneur Goddess.

I want to challenge you because you are worthy and deserving of all good things and that includes your abundance.

You have a sacred right to charge for your services, products and programs.