Hey Goddess! Today we are going to talk about the Impostor Syndrome, how it affects a lot of people and how you begin to overcome it. If you have a spiritual business, you are answering a calling. It is time to leap over shame and answer it.

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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

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Hey Goddess!

You are watching my video series, six Spiritpreneur Guru Roadblocks, the stuff that is holding you back and keeping you small. All right, so these secrets, I’ve seen them not only with the goddesses in my very own Spiritpreneur Guru Academy, I see them in the letters that people write me every day and every week I have seen them in audiences around the globe. One of them I have seen all over the news as well. I am talking about impostor syndrome.

The idea that you are a fraud, the idea that you can’t call yourself an expert, a coach, a guru, a healer, a writer, a speaker. How dare you?

The feeling that something is wrong with you and no matter how successful you get, no matter what you do, you can’t shake that feeling. All right, listen my love. You are special and incredible. All right, but this is not an issue that is unique to you.

In fact, impostor syndrome is an issue that we see across the board with people like Meryl Streep, who feels like she is a complete fraud as an actress. Meryl Streep — and Dr. Maya Angelou. The late-great grandma Maya said, every time she wrote a book, she felt like this was the time they were going to find out she was a fraud.  Lupita Nyong-o, gold star of stage and screen Yale graduate, starred the blockbuster movie, Black Panther. She has the belief that every time she gets on a film, she’s about to be fired.

Women like Justice Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and Michelle Obama have expressed feeling like a fraud, feeling like an impostor, feeling like they will be found out.

So if these amazing women were able to rise beyond this feeling, then so can you.

So when those feelings start to come up, and that voice starts to say to you that inner bully, as I call it, starts to say to you, who do you think you are? You’re a what? Oh, you’re doing that?

Look yourself in the mirror and proudly say, yes, I am.

And like Michelle Obama, like Meryl Streep, like Supreme Justice Sotomayor. I am moving forward with my brilliance.