The African Goddess Rising Oracle deck was created by Abiola Abrams and illustrated by Destiney Powell. Learn more here:

Goddess of Desire
Temple: Conjurers
Element: Air

Ngame is the triple moon goddess of the Ashanti. Every new day, this mother goddess rebirths the sun, shooting life into us with her moon bow. Her lunar rays illuminate souls.

Ngame’s Guidance
Dream bigger. Puny desires constrict you. Your desires create your life, so allow them to flow boldly.

What do you really desire? Get specific. See it, smell it, feel it. Call it in now. What you desire, desires you. Does your desire flow from love or fear? Manifestations that come from fear-based desires keep you safe and small. Desires that come from your soul expand your world.

Goddess Declaration
“What I desire desires me.”

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