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Ancestral Principles: insecurities, hidden secrets, enigma

Main Element: Asé
Secondary Element:

Declaration: I am willing to feel and release my fears and doubts.

Sacred Inheritance: Watch your back. Caution, up ahead. This is a time of illusions. If they tell you the sky is blue, you may want to check for yourself. Dishonesty, deception and uncertainty is in the air. Trust your intuition. Your inner voice is trying to get your attention. There is much more to the situation than meets the eye.

You are definitely in for a roller coaster ride. Emotional distress is no joke. Dark night of the soul. Your subconscious fears and limiting beliefs are shining. Be aware of how you are projecting this fear in relationships, conversations and negotiations. The things you stuffed down in your subconscious are refusing to be stuffed down anymore. You must deal with your shadow selves. Dive headfirst into creative pursuits.

Ancestral Memory: The Shadow shows up as Yoruba trickster god Esu within the moon with two faces to represent his ability to communicate between worlds. He is the orisha of marginal worlds, seen as protective and a messenger between the earth and the Divine.

Lineage Healing: The funny thing about that shadow is that it always pops up. Have you done any shadow work?

Shadow Aspect (Reversed): Your intuition may be blocked but still release the fear. Don’t give up. Bypassing is a no. Face your inner demons. Realize that your judgment is cloudy. Deal with your beautiful (and ugly) self. There is beauty in the ugliness and ugliness in the beauty. Allow yourself to be.

Tarot Correspondence: The Moon

Ritual: How are you talking to yourself? Be aware of negative self-talk.

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