Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle: A 45-Card Deck and Guidebook for Connecting to Your Family Lineage, Exploring Modern Ancestral Veneration, and Revealing Divine Guidance is a deck by Abiola Abrams. Click here to learn more…


Joyful Bliss

Ancestral Principles: success, pleasure, positivity

Major Element: Asé
Secondary Element: Fire

Declaration: My future looks bright!

Sacred Inheritance: “Yay!” is the energy of the moment. Things are about to get really good. It is safe to be optimistic. There is no other shoe dropping. In fact, put on your cute shoes and dance. This is the moment. You will notice people are naturally drawn to your light.

Your love is your light. Radiate and shine your light. You have nothing to hide.

Ancestral Memory: The Griot is depicted by a griot of Mali, strumming his kora instrument and seated in front of the towers of The Great Mosque of DJenne. Griots are the shining and beloved multi-talented oral historians, who sing, tell stories, create music and share scholarly lessons with the community.

Lineage Healing: Allow that inner confidence you feel to flow outward. Hold your head up high and smile. Allow the opportunities for abundance in love, money and success.

Shadow Aspect (Reversed): You need the gift of play to get back to yourself. You are not seeing how truly blessed you are.

Tarot Correspondence: The Sun

Ritual: Make a list of everything you are grateful for and pay it forward.

Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle

Tap into sacred ancestral wisdom with this powerful 45-card oracle deck designed to help you connect with the spirits of your ancestors, the Divine, and the harmonies of the universe.

Our ancestors have much to teach us about ourselves and our place in the universe. They can intercede with the Divine on our behalf and also act as our guardians, guides, and ascended masters. The Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle brings ancestral veneration—a key spiritual tenet of so many global cultures—into the modern zeitgeist, connecting us with the spirits of our family before us.

Featuring five suits (Ancestors, Archetypes, Rituals, Plants and Herbs, and Symbols), this oracle deck is the perfect spiritual tool for those looking to deepen their spirituality and tap into sacred wisdom of the past.
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