The African Goddess Rising Oracle deck was created by Abiola Abrams and illustrated by Destiney Powell. Learn more here:

Aunt Nancy
Shadow of Betrayal
Temple: Shadows
Element: Air

Anansi or Kwaku Ananse, the Akan trickster god and sacred clown, snuck into our global folktales. While Gullah-Geechee children heard tales of Aunt Nancy, the tricky spider woman, my Guyanese parents entertained us with “Nancy stories” about a witty teen spider.

Aunt Nancy’s Shadow Guidance
Who really betrayed you? Betrayals from others mirrors you betraying yourself.

Betrayal is a web that disrupts everything you thought you knew. Use discernment in your relationships. Betrayal makes it difficult to trust. But without trust, your relationships are a lie. Trust that no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes, you will survive and thrive.

The real question: How have you betrayed or abandoned yourself?

Goddess Declaration
“I am willing to know the truth.”

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