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Passionista Principle: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait… and wait without anxiety.” ~A Course in Miracles

Hey Rockstars,

It’s March and as usual, we made it! This leap year has me thinking a lot about what leaps we want to take in our own lives. How do we want to grow and take a personal leap, particularly in the areas of love and passion?

Have no fear, our magical resident astrologer Goddess Grear is here to save the day with her astrological advice for joy in the journey. Remember all of the helpful thoughts she shared last month?

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Your Astro Affair Astrology by Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull


With Neptune back in its rightful home, Pisces, you must feel a greater sense of peace. If your diet permits it, I suggest steeping the herbs: Valerian, Vervain, and Lavender in a stainless steel tea ball, and having that as your morning brew, this month especially.

The same can apply to Pisces moons and or Pisces ascendants. It’s time to start something new, creatively. Or what you have been working on for a while in private, it’s time to showcase it to the public. Take to singing this month, a lot of it; be it in the shower or a small lounge, but give it a try. If you feel you can’t sing, sing anyway– it’s only for the month of March. Your spirit will LOVE the r-e-l-e-a-s-e.


A Taurean co-worker may have their eye on you. If it’s in a good way, great! If it’s not, implement your mojo to reverse that wry energy–develop the negative into a positive. If you don’t have a job in the conventional sense, still be mindful of your cosmic next door neighbor in March and early April. Remember the stars only impel not compel. You may not encounter any bull-headed encounters of note at all!


Bring the cake or pie or a bottle of wine and sit for a nice long chat with that neighbor that’s been friendly but you just hadn’t had the time to talk. Especially neighbor(s) that reside on the third floor or live three doors down or on third street–the number “three” is highlighted for you in March.


Ahh… Spring is your time! During or around the Spring Equinox, host a Seafood Party in your home. Make it pot-luck or everyone contributes a certain amount to buy all the necessary ingredients. If for no other reason than to celebrate the season, good food and good friends, then so be it.

If this is your thing and you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t forget to leave an offering plate out for the ancestors (Niatoma, especially), libation and a lit candle too. Dance your special dance! Usher in the sweetest season with a BANG.


If you’re not in the market to have a baby, I strongly suggest using contraceptives this month; or just embrace celibacy. Conserving one’s life force can be very healing. A strong urge to create may overcome you though, in lieu of making a baby, take to painting, bake cakes, have a bake sale, take a sewing class. In short, create other things versus a baby. However, if you do want a baby, this month a March may indeed be the month to really exercise that option. Whatever you do always create from the heart. Remember the saying, “a tree is always known by its fruits.”


If you’ve been job-hunting, especially in the ‘service’ area, March may be your lucky month. Tighten your resume and really get your grind on! As weird as this may sound, but try to carry the crystal stone pyrite with you on your journeys. It should touch your skin as you carry it.

Be sure to “clear” the stone after purchase. You can clear it with sea salt, sage smoke or both. Carried anywhere on the left side of the body is key. Study rocks and crystals, gems with Saturn being in Libra right now, it’s strongly advisable for us all to carry them. Leos that aren’t on the job market at this time, still find some way to ‘serve’ your fellow man; if only for this month. Just a suggestion. But, I must add, it is very gratifying to the spirit.


Those in a committed (yet rocky)  relationship it may be time to take a break. Not break up, but just a short healing hiatus. If you ever read Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet” then you may remember the passage where he writes about marriages, he says, “let there be spaces in your togetherness.” Here’s the time to embrace this virtue. If the relationship isn’t rocky, then don’t part in the spirit of a “healing hiatus” but part in the spirit of Kahlil’s words above. Absence, in most loves cases, does make the heart grow fonder. And it’s only for thirty-one days. You two should return transformed and anew. As you know, there’s nothing like new love.

Virgos not in a love-relationship, currently, you still may be in some kind of “relating” connection of various kinds. This month is the time to do what you do best–analyze them all. But in this time and space, try to analyze them spiritually versus logically. You should be surprised by the results. Spring is the time to release rigid thinking. If you don’t have rigid thinking then I’m not referring to you.


Think about implementing a Spring cleanse. Be it a vegan cleanse or juicing or raw foods, solely. But March is the month for you to cleanse your temple. If this is the road you’re already on, all the better. Buy a rose quartz crystal, and sleep with it in your underwear.

Be sure to clear it, first. Up your hours at the gym. And take to journalling–document all dreams and idle thoughts. By month’s end, watch how you feel. Note what has been revealed to you. Tell no one of these exercises. This may be key for you to implement each and every March, Mr. & Ms. Libra. Same goes for Libra moons and Libra on the ascendants.


Those that plan to travel this month, just make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. Read the fine print. Legal terms you may not recognize, look them up. Study the ‘writ of signing,” be mindful of how you sign your name. Signature = Signing your Nature. Scorpion moons and risings, same applies. Those eagles that don’t plan on traveling next month, but in April, still be alert! Especially for long distance journeys.

If you’re not planning on traveling at all in the near future, it’s still a time to be very keen on what you’re reading and signing. Get the glasses and magnifying glasses out, if you have to.


Now’s the time to step up to the plate. You’re next up to bat! If there’s been something on your heart to preach, speak up! Especially in a church or any setting where an audience is gathered to hear speakers speak. When the mic is passed to you, by all means speak your peace. Prepare early though. You never know how long they’ll allow you to hold the mic.


The group you belong to is either finally happy or even more happy regarding your input. If you belong to no groups then your co-workers and or family may show this gratitude and or acknowledgement. Shine in the glory, you’ve earned it.


How was the “silent” diet from last month? I know you all did well. The voice box is a muscle. When you don’t exercise it over a long span of time, when it comes time to talk again, it’s kinda sore. I know. If this occurred, just gargle with a glass of warm sea salt water daily, till it’s back to normal. My, what I’d give to read the journals I know you kept while fasting from talking.

The information collected during such a period is priceless! For March, sorry to be the one to say it, but it’s still not a sound period to resume chattiness. You can talk, yes, but keep it at a minimum. I’d offer, implement quiet mornings, but ringers off, TVs off, etc. Begin all communique after twelve noon. Now’s the time to really go in AND examine your spiritual innards. Analyze your shadow self. What makes others like you, what makes them dislike you. Don’t ask them. You assess this.

Work in private and in solace. Steer clear of soy, dairy, and meats this month, if you can. Neptune left your sun sign and is now in your cosmic next door neighbor’s, which is where it prefers to be. So I know you gotta feel a great ethereal lift from such a watery exit. This is a good thing for you, Mr. & Ms. Water Bearer.


Have a thoughtful month! For questions and or personal readings feel free to email me.

Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull has always held an affinity for the stars. Since a child she always felt a strong connection. One that wouldn’t subside, no matter who or how many didn’t believe. In her mind, whether you believe in them or not, you still have a birthday. If you can look up or through a telescope and see the stars/constellations yet still believe they hold absolutely no meaning. Then you gotta believe that man holds no meaning, either. Just as God created man with purpose, He created the stars with purpose as well. All His creations mean something. The mystery of life is figuring out what that something is. Also, in Yaddie’s mind: How POWER-FULL is it to know that the majority below have been programmed not to believe in you above, yet you STILL have the nerve to stay in sweet celestial motion and twinkle & sparkle anyway! The audacity of SHINE, despite earthly sheepy shame. This strong sparkle’ly stance epitomizes Kandi’s “Fly Above” song. Astrology (logy = the study of, astro = astronomy/stars…hence, the study of the stars), astro-logic is geometry. Geometry is math. Math is a Science. Just note, they gave us the greenlight, the OK to believe in math and science. Carry on… 

Disclaimer: Content is for entertainment and informational purposes only. All of the astro-offerings above are just that “offerings.”

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