Trying to get over a bad break up?

It’s natural to grieve when a romantic relationship comes to an end. This person meant something to you. Just as with death, there can a sense of loss, longing, and regret after a break up. Take it from your personal “Breakup Whisperer.” Thanks to our good friends for this helpful post. And my favorite breakup lines video below is just to make you smile.

It may surprise some people that this is the one time of the year that break ups seldom happen. This is because both partners prefer to spend Christmas and New Year with a lover no matter how fraught the relationship has become.

Sometimes family members play a part too as couples don’t want to add bad news to the season and so they muddle along just waiting until January to split up. January is the month where many fragile relationships fall apart as without the magic of Santa and the family dinners bringing couples together here’s really nothing left to hold onto.

If you have taken the plunge and dumped your partner or if your partner has done the nasty to you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the festive season even more so than if you were part of a couple.

You will be hurting, maybe even devastated however you will have the motivation you need to get out there and get back on the horse.

1) Highlight the Positives.

From cooking what you like to having the remote control to yourself, no matter how in love you were there will be some positives to breaking up.

Maybe you no longer have to play referee between your mother and him or maybe you can spend the night in your bunny slippers and pajamas without worrying about looking unattractive.

2) Reinvent Yourself.

There’s no better way to shrug off the past after a break up than to reinvent yourself. Take the money you would have spent on him for Christmas and spend it on a new haircut, some new clothes or a manicure. Changing your appearance can make you feel cared for and loved even when you’re on your own.

3) Get to Know Yourself.

Using some of the money you save by not sharing with a partner, treat yourself to some new personal toys. Now he’s out of the equation you can guarantee pleasure every single time!

4) Accept Invitations.

Don’t avoid invitations from friends just because you may be asked about the break up, talking is good and the sooner everyone knows the story the sooner it’ll become old news.

You also deserve to enjoy yourself; they’ve hurt you enough so why should you sit at home when there’s a party out there with your name on it?

5) Come Bouncing Back.

A rebound fling is amazing for your self-confidence as when a relationships ends there’s usually been months of lack of interest leading up to the break. Even flirting online can help you to feel good again after a divorce or devastating breakup, so lap it up and enjoy a bit of no strings flirting.