Where are the lovely Virgos? Lined up and perfect we see. Goddess Grear nailed it as usual with her astrological magic. That’s why the Queen has a following of powerful Astro people. Here’s to conjure women and good magic. This month has the energy of healing and empowerment. Step up and claim your personal power! What a gift we have here…

As usual, we have left in all of the beautiful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the delicious meaning of Mama G’s unique way of communicating astrology. Her fabulous opinions are all her own. Deal with that, okay?! (And we mean that with love.)

Thanks so much to our fear-free, darling and daring readers like YOU who LOVE the Lady Grear’s shockingly accurate horoscopes as much as I do! Love and light, cutie pies. -aa

Special Author’s Note by Grear Yaddie Turnbull

“If you don’t do it you can’t judge it.” ~Mo’Nique

 If you don’t “do” astrology or astrology columns, what are you doing here?

As a judge sits on the bench one who has studied law for many years before being appointed his seat to do what? “Judge” the letter of the law. His vocational title alone tells it.

GYT has been in astro-study for over ten years and still…I consider myself a perpetual student. Stay in Study!

Inspired by a Dr. Henrik Clarke quote:

  • I no longer will entertain debate, you know, allow myself to be baited in debate with non-astrologers on the topic of astrology. #Moot
  • Their office is moot wit’ moi. As mine should be with them–especially since they don’t rock wit’ astro-logic like that. Let’s better manage our hypocrisies, people. 😉

Anything you can take a telescope and observe in sparkly glory is worthy to be studied. It’s said that He created the heavens & earth. The heavens, with all of its heavenly bodies/galaxies, cosmos. Are we to really believe that He created all of that magnificence to hold no meaning? If we are to believe that then we are to also believe that WE were created to hold no meaning. Purpose.


Sorry, Ma G. just doesn’t fall under that perception.

[quote]Years ago I was in New York City’s East West bookstore quietly reading a book. Don’tcha just love how most bookstores allow you to get your perusal oN before deciding if you’re gonna purchase it or not? The best.[/quote]

Anyhoo, while reading a woman began speaking to me. I thought to myself “hmmm. That’s odd. Who disturbs a reading person?”

Wanted to continue reading, ig her, figured she’d ‘get the point’ and move on. That, or get up to find an Emily Post book and hand it to her, then return to reading the book I had in hand–of course, all executed in silence. But…I liked what she was saying. Glad I decided to tune in versus tune out. She went on to state how “reading books” alone won’t make you a great astrologer. Maybe a “good” one but not great. She continued “…savvy clients read the same books we read.” They come to you for YOUR intuitive insight. Greatness is really more about intuition and being confident enough to exact it.”

Now, was she anti-book-buying that day? Lol… No, I doubt it. Spirit simply led her to share that data. As spirit is leading me to share here.

Point in Case:

Three premiere astrologers looked at my natal chart, all at different times, neither knew the other would or did  interpret the same data. Keep in mind, they are all well respected in their field–good following, their own sites, their own columns. In short? Highly skilled eyes/insight here!

Yet, with each, I netted a different descrip. This wasn’t a “transit” reading, the intent was the same each time–a look at the natal chart.

  • Astrologer #1: He felt that the house that houses my sun, natally, is a hard placement.
  • Astrologer #2: He was in AWE, auspicious AWE, that my sun was natally stationed there.
  • Astrologer #3: Took one look at my natal pattern and yelped “You don’t have one bad bone in your body!”

He was sincerely since. You could hear the smile all in his throat and speech. 🙂

Didn’t know any of them personally, never [at that time] met any of them in person. All they had in front of them [at the time] was my astro-math and my voice [over the phone].

Same subject: 3 different interpretations. 3 different reports.

Now what?

Are they all off in some way with their interpretation? No. We’re multifaceted people.

That &…

They took a look and allowed their intuition to decode what they saw. Simple as that.

What one astrologer pick up another may not. This doesn’t make them wrong, it just means that that was data that wasn’t their’s to acknowledge. You get what they see. If you’re commissioning them for “their” insight, then that’s all they can offer, their’s not someone else’s.

Astrology is ruled by Aquarius. The most unique of the zodiac. The Individual!

Yes, I know it rules groups, but… Anyhoo, it’s the sign of “dancing to the beat of its own drum”.

Like your natal chart’s pattern is uniquely designed to you, their interpretation of which is uniquely designed to them. Their POV of it.

*So, I don’t want anymore inboxes of why my column doesn’t read like others? If “others” is what you want to read, then stay there, read there, revel there, don’t come here. No disrespect. Just perspective. Whose? Mine. The author.


Author = Authority


September 2013 Astro-Column by Grear Turnbull


“Men want to know that their thoughts are respected. Women want to know that their feelings are cherished.” ~Iyanla Vanzant

“…gotta be willing to be wrong. Gotta be willing to see another’s perspective.” ~Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant, Photo Source: Iyanla: Fix My Life.

Iyanla Vanzant, Photo Source: Iyanla: Fix My Life.

As an astrologer when I hear a sign called, a holder of that sun sign will instantly come to mind. For me, where Virgo is concerned it used to be Michael Jackson, now it’s Ms. Iyanla Vanzant. It may not be anything that I’d voice–unless it’s the setting for that–yet, still, her face is likely to come into focus, if only for a millisecond. Especially since viewing these latter shows of her’s aired on OWN. Compelling TV.

Also, Ms. Vanzant, in my opinion, has properly channeled what Virgos (particularly Virgo females) are known for: Hard Criticism. She’s mastered a way to offer up hard critique, but in a constructive way. The symbol for Virgo is The Virgin, the Woman holding a sheath of wheat; the harvest.

The honesty she submits surrounding women’s issues is spell-bounding at times. Honesty so raw so rare that when emitted you find yourself transfixed. Like when the show was aired with fourteen people, family-members all living under the same roof and all the drama that dwelled therein.

When Ms. Vanzant was counseling the man of the house Mr. Will, I think his name was/is, she shared how it’s difficult for women to share the same energy (s p a c e). Then she continued with this brave share: How she doesn’t want a woman using her pots in her tub, etc. We were GLUED.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Though, these common cat-like territorial feline feral tenets are known, they are rarely voiced. IV had the guts to voice ‘em! Even a while back we recalled fellow Virgo Ms. Jada Pinkett Smith state [in an interview] that she was “territorial” when it came to her home; she was speaking about Will’s openness with guests in the home when people are over visiting.

It’s safe to assume, Virgo Jada?…she don’t play that! Domestic cats are a Virgonian energy. Again, Virgo’s symbol is “the woman.” Hence why some if not most women are deemed “catty.” Very analytical and detail-orientated. Brings me to this recall now: When Iylana Vanzant said, in part, “Men think in HEADLINES. Women think in the fine print.”    The fine print…a Virgo notice.

Smiles… Now, Sommore, the comedian comes to mind. Another beautiful Virgo lady. In one of her stand-ups, one of the classic ones, I believe, where she highlights this [paraphrasing]: “Women are hard on other muthafluggin’ women! A woman could be fly, dressed sharped azamutha! The next b*tch ‘ll come along look her up and down and say, ‘her toe-nail polish is chipped, she ain’t all dat!’”

As an astrologer I can’t begin to explain the RUSH I net each and every time a person holding a certain sun sign would succinctly articulate a cultural truth, yet one that’s strongly associated with their sign. ‘Cause like Mo’Nique said “If you don’t do it you can’t judge it.”

There’s a video below, Nico’s. He’s speaking to the matter that most Virgos are known for. And yes, Nico is a Virgo. Someone in the comments below said video [on utube] even spoke to this point; they didn’t do so in a “nice” way, yet they did do so.

  • Here’s the key: Once you recognize in yourself Virgo, what you quickly recognize in so many others, the only spiritual transport that could derive from such sound self-seeing is psychological growth & healing.

As Nico and Ms. Vanzant exhibit, there are positive productive ways to still satisfy that natural need of yours to critique.

Ask yourself “Why am I voicing this?” If the answer comes back “To Heal” then fine. If the answer returns “To hurt, put them in their place.” Then not fine. The way kinetics/karma work “their place” will soon be YOUR place. All energy seeks its source. Yes, it aligns with like-energy on its journey, but its ultimate destination is home: The Source that birthed it!

  • Tip: Virgo is spoken of in most text as being “tidy” around the house. But…to maintain overall sanity, gotta keep your mental home clean too. <3

Recommended daily cell salts:

  • Nat Phos
  • Calc Sulph
  •  Silica

In addition:

Unless you’re a student of astrology and keep up with the moon cycles, you’re likely not to do this each time the moon is in your sun sign, Virgo. But I’ll tell you this, on the upcoming New Moon in Virgo 9/5/13, it’s advised to take the cell salt of your opposite sign: Pisces; theirs’ is “”Ferrum PHos”

*As with any thing, do the research, consult a medical professional before beginning any new dietary regimen.

Okay, now more astrodata for you Virgo, for this month.

Take notice of EVERYTHING. No, not for what you do best–to critique it. Just take note of what most may overlook. You know, your area of expertise–the details. Smiles… Study the “lynx medicine,” that lore. Keep secrets close to the vest. If you don’t think you can hold it, instruct them not to tell you.

[quote]Embrace the attitude of gratitude. Wait, this book recommendation just came to mind for you: “Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. To recharge finances, rethink them.[/quote]

Family and partnerships should feel especially good this month. Enjoy them. Be in a way that they can enjoy you too. From what I read it’s slated to be a very cold winter, even a colder than norm fall. So visiting fam, getting out, may be something you’d wanna take the opportunity to do while the weather is still warm.

The Full Moon in your opposite sign, Pisces will be on the 19th. Plant powerful healing mental seeds now; try to do so on the 5th the New Moon; do so with confidence. See how they bloom by the 19th.

This line[s] is still about you Virgo, but it really points to the astro-student. The young or new student tends to read the whole column. Whereas some others, when they entertain columns such as these, they only read their sun sign. Cool. Understandable.  🙂

But you, John & JaneQ astro-student: Ever held court [convo] with a Virgo, Leo or Cancer, and they just seem to be hard-nose stuck on their say, in their unilateral way, eff yours!?

[Yes, I know. Aries tend to hold this one-way trait too. Aries rules the ego, but another discussion at another time…]

Well, yeah…they don’t have that Libra energy. Well, they lack. Each natal chart reveals where all of the 12 signs fall or are aspected in our cosmic-pattern. But when a woman carries a fetus in her womb she doesn’t round all twelve signs, the baby usually arrives in 9. It’s written that those three signs that come after the personality ‘ll be deficient in those principles. Libra balances both sides of a point. Virgo, in particular, may find this VERY difficult to do. Why cell salts are key!

I could go on…but I’ll chill. Some items are better reserved for a book. And get this… Virgo, the card pulled for you just now is a Libra card: The 6 of Pentacles.  Yeah, do all you can to behold the Libra lore this month.

Happy B*Earth Day Virgo! 🙂


Mercury will soon enter your sun sign, Libra. Making conversation even more mighty and powerful for you. You already shine there, but the chatty star dust will be double-dosed this season. But…yeah, there’s always a “but” itn’t it? Smiles… it’s also shown that “silence” is necessary. Especially where family and friends are concerned. Only you know the specifics.

An engaging dialogue spent with a stranger or virtual stranger, especially a kinda quiet one, should be of memorable note! When I say “quiet” here, I mean that “strong & silent” type; the “still waters run deep” kind. They {not necessarily gender-specific} only choose to talk to a select few. As you know, kickin’ it wit’ these rare types feels like the ultimate privilege! ‘Cause it is. Cherish it.


Pluto, your ruler goes direct on the 20th. And Mars, your other ruler, enters Leo. Mars likes to visit fire signs.‘Cause he is. And fire begets FIRE!

Venus will be in Scorpio. A scary placement to some, not to I. Enhance your beauty, focus on your aims. The mars fire should give you a good JOLT to shift that focus to fruition. If it’s your passion, stay the course. An intense encounter is shown this month for you with either a Pisces, a Libra, or another Scorpio, or someone who busy themselves behind-the-scenes. No fear, just awareness. There’s this popular spiritual advisor, one with a lovely voice, one that often advises us to “know your magic.” With that I also recommend to you Scorp the Rhonda Byrne book “Magic.”

*Tip/exercise: Make a wand. Find a piece of sturdy wood (offer the earth 7 pennies, where you take the wood–never take without giving), find a video that teaches how-to carve wood, shellac it, add crystals, etc. Creating activates the god in you (the Creator). Get bizy!

*Your key #s this month: 21, 20, 58, 12, 18, 25


The career center in the cosmic chart shines for Sagittarius this month. Seize it! Yes, it’s true, the job market is very dry, been dry for while. But don’t fall into that limiting thought-process this month. Circumvent that thought in your mind as well as on the job; or with dealing with your job search. Whichever is applicable.

Find a unique path to your desired vocational destination. If you can’t find one, carve one. Create.

Abundance is noted…not clear if it’s monetary abundance or emotional? Either way, keep your thoughts clear and open to receive your good. Same for Aquarians. Buddy up with one this month. Hey, you never know! 🙂

You’re kiddin’ me! Sag, the same card pulled for Scorpio is the card now pulled for you: Page of Wands.

See the exercise tip recommended for them above. Pages [in the tarot] represent younger males too. So one helping you make it is a good look; providing they come with good-natured energy. Btw, the phallus is known to some to be The Power Wand–it can create life. And does!


“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” ~Unknown

You will feel mighty powerful, power-full this month especially! This in part is due to the surge of Pluto (currently still in Capricorn) going direct on the 20th. That, plus it’s hugging a harmonious hustle with the Sun. Use this solar power wisely.

You mentoring or being mentored is noted. Teaching/sharing truth should be the mission of all men.

Reconnect with nature, renew.

Key # : 12.


Exercise: Look up how to make “money sachets”, have fun wit’ it. No doubtful energy when exacting creative fun in this fashion. Take a sewing class so you can sew your own little magic baggies. Best to have these baggies or at least one ready by the New Moon, the 5th. By mid-month NEW MONEY is shown. But you have to set the stage for it. Keep thoughts c le a r. As clear as you can. Steer c l e a r of toxic people. Toxins, period. Be, live as organic as you can. It’s healthier anyway.

  • Read above, Saggie’s piece. An older man is shown, one that can help. Be receptive to wise counsel. Defy non-sensical dissonance. Defy best by dodging. It’s your enerGy the vampires [energy thieves] want.

Reserve it NOT by resenting the vampire [more wasted energy] but by r e l e a s i n g yourself from its vile grip! #movingtarget

key #s for you this month: 0, 9, 28


You get one each year, like a birthday, a Full Moon in your sun sign. We all get one. The New Moon is on the 5th in Virgo, your opposite polarity. Plant the desired seed then and watch how it germinates then blooms by the 19th. Keep thoughts as pure as you can.

I always found curious wonder in the fact, astro-fact, that a Full Moon occurs for each sign during its opposite sign season. Like, if we are to reach our potential fullness it’ll have to be done in an atmosphere that is opposite our basic nature. No wonder it’s stressed in so many self-help books that you have to come out of your comfort-zone. And the whole “opposites attract” electric clause. It attracts cause it is It!

e.g.: Take a coin, see one side as Pisces, the fish and the other side as Virgo, the Virgin, dual-sided yet it’s still the same single entity. 360 degrees of completion. To feel complete gotta know yourself completely…yes, even your dark side.

Suggestion: You orchestrate the endings this month–in conversations, in cooking, however. If you are fit, practice hand-stands. This inverse position is said to be very healing for the body.

*Do research (consult medical counsel) on any topic before attempting/applying it.

Another recommended exercise: Study “Ma’at” and the Archer, The fundamental Sagittarian principles; then once it’s over with, prepare for a long journey. It could be a mental journey. But prepare to turn away from any and all insane affairs. It’ll be a gradual parting of ways–a much-needed graduation. Long overdue…

#s: 967


If you’re of a “certain” age [as W.Williams likes to categorize it] a mid-life crisis is looming…if it hadn’t kicked in full gear already. Don’t fight it. Transformation in a great way is imminent, as long as you don’t hurt others. Embrace the inner child, have fun! This is for either gender. Yes, we ladies go through the mid-life thing too; we may not go out and buy a red sports car or date mates half our age, but we do have our way of “turning back the clock” if you will…any sun sign this goes out to. But Aries, this month, again  have fun! Active fun, i.e.: Sports, rock-climbing, etc. If you are an Aries that’s younger than 40 then you are most likely already engaged in physical fun! As you were. 🙂

Oh, fun with a Scorpion heightens the intensity!

The #8, yours this month.


Don’t fall for the proverbial “smoke & mirrors” illusion, no; but do be keen to the “smoke signals” warning[s]. Where there is smoke there is fire. This is communicated hereto you in the figurative & the literal sense. #Awareness

Other than that, all else looks bright! Love is on a high note. Friendship actually feel “friendly” versus competitive. Full heaping servings of “flirty fun,” especially if you look the part and you’re in the right part of town.

Long-distance travel, love is definitely shown there for the bull this month. That, or a sweet love affair with a foreigner. The astro-clock ticks tocks, rounds its bend time and time again, we all get the chance to cosmically check in this sexy slot. Some just don’t know when it’s “their time.”

*Timing? It’s everything.

Song to add and play: “I Got Love on My Mind” by Natalie Cole.

The # 8 is shown for Taurus too.



How was your summer? Busy? I know. Though this New Moon will be in Virgo, remember, both Gemini & Virgo are co-ruled by Mercury. Making this a key new moon for you as well. For us all, but especially for you two.

Suggested exercise: Look up New Moon exercises on Youtube. I take to that TonyaTko one. Be sincere and reverent to Lunar in all that you do. She illuminates. <3

Something in the career center needs to be healed. ..healed by who? You. Not sure if this healing is to be done in the practical sense; i.e.: wiping items down surfaces with hand-sanitizer, etc. Or in the spiritual sense? I’d implement both! There’s so much online that teaches how to smudge or spiritual cleanse any area. An idea could be pouring some Florida Water in a spritz bottle and spraying that around your workarea. It smells good too: F.W. & Sage… Now, I know, in most job-settings it wouldn’t be prudent to walk through the halls/offices with a bundle of Sage burning…Lol… but improvise. Do what you gotta do. The outcome doesn’t look too favorable if you don’t. If you encounter a short stocky man with a name that begins with “J” or “G”, tune in, he won’t be wrong. He may appear drunk or actually be drunk, still, his say is science. On point! Take notes!

Spiritual Exercise: Watch the movie “Blade” with Wesley Snipes. Watch it like you’ve never watched a movie before; here, take notes as well.

If you’re wondering what else spirit gave me to pen to you here: That scene in 50 Cent’s movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” that Terence Howard scene by his car where he got out, Marcus got out and his back-seat friend got out too. And Terence said something along the lines of “When I’m right I’m right but when I’m wrong I coulda been right so that still makes me right.” Or something of that mind-bending linguistic variation. Lol…

Watch it again. And remember, the music is not the notes, it’s the space between the notes. Read between the lines. I know that forensic-focus like this is mostly a Scorpion pastime. But Gemini you’re up for it. You can rise to the occasion, I know you can.

Heck, have a Scorpion join you in at home cinematic fun. Pop some popcorn, etc.

* What you miss, they won’t! Trust. 🙂


One of the study tools I apply states that aspects are activated when you are. If you’re not, i.e.: dormant, indolent, the author goes on to write, in part “Oh well, same ole weather report. As you were.”

It’s been said time and time again “The stars don’t compel they impel.”

With that said Cancer, you can either maintain the “homebody” existence or… GET OUT! Have some fun! A lot of outgoing activity is on deck for you this month. Favorable encounters. Your intuition is high, as usual. Apply it in all circumstances, no matter how much fun you’re having. If the energy don’t feel right don’t eff wit’ it.

While out “random discourse” will occur, seemingly out of nowhere. I know, that’s usually not your forte`. So this must be an energy that you instantly feel comfortable with. An epiphany. An Ah-ha moment will strike your senses like a high like no-other. Write it down immediately!

  • Recommended exercise: Study “polygamy”. No, not suggesting you embrace it, just study that lifestyle. Journal your findings. The ah-ha moment could be therein as well or as foremost. Though, the reading shows that that epiphical moment is likely to be with a random stranger while discoursing on random items. Don’t go looking for this “specific moment” or try to contrive it up in any way. Just be outgoing and allow the universe to handle the rest. <3


Mars will be in Leo soon. More fuel to the fire. Mars like it. Leo loves it. Enjoy it. Channel it playing sports, games of chance, anything but arguing. Sex life could improve by leaps and bounds, of course, providing they still turn-you-on like that.

Fire is passion. Where do your passion lie? Set the stage there. Though “the stage” is a 10th house station [Capricorn], what’s visually going on on it, the performances? All Leo’s domain. Set that proverbial stage as a seed on the 5th and watch how the curtains open by the 20th.

Be present! Give presents! Receive humbly. An older male Libra or an older male librarian is shown. Something you are to guide them in–advise. I know…offbeat. But you may not “catch it.” It’s likely to read very subtle–innocuous. Don’t search for it, just be & breathe. The universe knows what IT IS doing and does it providing well when we don’t interrupt it [ego].
-Mama G

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