Let’s talk about coffee and tea…

Hey Rockstars,

I am slightly tea obsessed. My mom was a coffee addict when I was growing up so I hated the smell. As a result, I have never ever had a cup of coffee. True story.

Tea? A totally different story. I am a budding tea connoisseur.

I love this chart comparing the two…

Coffee and tea are without a doubt the most popular drinks in the world. Due to the fact we drink so much of them, there is always going to be an interest in the health implications, or indeed, benefits of consumption. The chart compilation below demonstrates to us the various pros and cons in terms of health considerations.

The infographic highlights the array of positive components of each beverage as well as some of the pitfalls. Medical, psychological and aesthetic factors are brought into the equation and we can see the extent to which the drinking of tea or coffee can affect different areas of the body and state of mind. The graph gives valuable and pertinent facts as regards the cancer deterrent properties as well as those for other diseases. In addition, the somewhat emotive topics of Alzheimer’s and obesity are also brought into the equation with some remarkable claims being put forward.

This fun infographic was produced by insurance advisors, Policy Expert. They cover home, business, travel, motoring and many other types of insurance.


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