The Great Media Fast of 2013! TV, News & Social Media Blackout, um, Brownout

The Great Media Fast of 2013! TV, News & Social Media Blackout, um, Brownout

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Yummy Social Media Brownout notice…

Hello my loves!

So what the heck is a media brownout? Well a blackout would be a total shut down. I look forward to doing that on my next vacation!

I’m still working so I am doing a brownout. That means taking a fast from the media in August. No TV, no news, (almost) no social media.

I am still obligated to share the yummy goodness that I write in my columns and my TV advice appearances, so I will be posting those links. I also will still be doing my ‪#‎ThankfulThursday‬ tweetups from 10-10:30pm EST, sharing weekly gratitude on Twitter Thursdays.

I realized that while finishing my book on how to not miss your life – I was missing my life! Or at least my summer. So I’ll be writing – just outside as much as possible. Join me and we can catch up in a month and share how it went.

abiola abrams bday 2013

Abiola Abrams, NYC

See you in September. xoxo

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