Yay! Calling all cats. It’s my birthday and it’s an Astro-Affair. Like my favorite divas Halle Berry, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, I am a Leo. In true lioness fashion, I first chose to make this month’s featured pic me celebrating my b*earth day with my lion’s mane afro in full effect. Then I decided to go with Ms. Eartha Kitt as Catwoman.

Goddess Grear nailed it as usual with her horoscope magic. That’s why she has a following of powerful people. Here’s to conjure women and good witches. If that phrase scares you, keep reading and open your mind and heart.

As usual, we’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the delicious meaning of her unique way of communicating astrology. Her fabulous opinions are all her own. Deal with that! (And I mean that with love.) Thanks so much to our fear-free, darling and daring readers who LOVE the Lady Grear’s shockingly accurate horoscopes as much as we do! Love and light. -aa

August 2013: The Feline Forecast by Grear Turnbull



Leo reminds us that we are royal and to behave as such. Leo rules the will power. It’s the sun and the sun is it. The sun came home now. It’s most comfortable here. Before learning all about cell salts, I always felt impelled to celebrate my b-day for the duration of the sun being in my sun’s sign. I know, any ole excuse to celebrate! Yes, why not? The moor joy imported into this world the better. 🙂

Cell salt verse teaches to take the cell salts daily that correspond with the three signs that follow your sun sign. To only consume the cell salt that aligns with your sun sign while the sun is actually in your sun’s sign. i.e.: Now. For you Leo, that would be Mag Phos. On the 22nd of August of this year, you’d stop taking the Mag Phos; pick it back up next year, the next Leo sun run. It is in this study that I new I was on to something wonderful with celebrating ‘in some way’ for the whole month and a half of the sun visiting my sun’s sign.

  • Note: Suggestions. Be sure to do your own research before implementing any new dietary program.

The 6th marks the New Moon in Leo. New Moons are the right time to start anything new. And it being in a fire sign–THE FIRE SIGN–at that. Fire purifies, well, responsible fire purifies; as we know, it can also net mass destruction. Fire warms, well, responsible fire warms, ill-responsible fire BURNS. Oxygen (air) keeps fire alive. The air sign set: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius governs “Thoughts.”

Be responsible in thought and deed. Meditate often this month. Plant desirable seeds, for next year Jupiter visits Leo. All prior thoughts can and will expand. Watch the cardio. Leo rules the heart. You should always be conscious of keeping a clean healthy heart…spiritually and physically.

On or near the 7th , there’s a challenge of some kind. Balance the need of wanting to be there and not be there. Number sixteen on Green’s 48 Powers of Law list suddenly comes to mind: Use absence to increase power and respect. A possible major disappointment is shown if you stick around too much. Besides, the time away from “the usuals” frees up time to meet a few unusuals. Yes, I said it. Unusual folk. Unlike your opposite sign Aquarius who tends to lean toward the unique and off-beat, heck, they tend to embody the same quirky nature themselves…Lol. But you Leo, may be put-off by the off- putting.

As long as they’re not offensive, you know, disrespectful, don’t be put-off. Give the unique another look, in an inviting way, this month. You may be surprised by the prize connection[s] you make. Good-natured eccentric types can be so interesting that they may also serve as a delightful diversion to help stave off some of those morose feelings that may course through your senses this month. Suggestions: Be introspective. I know, most Leos are extroverts. But go within, examine why you are feeling this way–aside from the current cosmic crossings. See if there’s another reason such a low vibration is courting you?

Seeking advice is key; especially from your opposite sign. Keep a mature stance. Take the high road…and as my buddy Ridge often offers: “Let your next move be your best move!” I like the “5HTP” supplement when I’m feeling a tad down. Again, research. Know that all Mama G’s columns are her insights, what worked for her, what didn’t; etc.

Near the middle of the month “that family matter” should be nearing a resolution–they may reach back out to you to pull you back in. Resist. Lovingly resist. They are grown, of sound mind and body, they can work this out–trust.

“…it does nothing. We never heal anything under an argument.” ~K.L August 2013

  • Exercise: Study all you can on the goddess Ma’at.
  • Balance is in order. If you play your cards right by month’s end that family matter should be resolved in love. Joy and celebration is shown at the end, again, providing the Leo energy maintains being a responsible observer from afar. Can invite all over for a pot luck dinner, play Miki Howard’s song “Come Share My Love” on repeat. Why? That’s what just came to mind with this lioness monthly reading. <3


Imahu G’s Favorite Lions:

  • Abiola Abrams
  • TonyaTko
  • Angela Bassett
  • Whitney Houston
  • Kaff Robinson
  • Temptess Bledsoe
  • Pam White
  • Madonna
  • K.K. Eborne
  • Zellese Mac
  • Viola Davis
  • Countess Vaughn
  • Christopher Williams

Happy Birthday Leo <3!!

Constellation Leo


You may feel at some point this month that your authority is being questioned or threatened. Don’t catch feelings. Do what yo do best–analyze it. Hear them out. ‘Was completely floored to hear fellow Virgo Iyanla Vanzant say on her TV show, while counseling R & B singer Syleena Johnson’s mother, how she “thought” her rapport with her daughter was one way to only read her daughter’s diary, posthumously, to discover that her daughter weighed their rapport a whole nutha way. What she discovered, Ms Vanzant states, kept her in bed for six months.

Kahlil Gibran in his book “The Prophet” describe “pain” as being no more than discovering something that you thought was turns out it wasn’t. I paraphrased, but it’s along those sage lines. Most Virgos (and most fires signs, as well; cause a fire sign rules the ego: Aries) tend to see a story [especially theirs’] from their point-of-view ONLY. One-sided’ness is short-sighted’ness.

Again, try to hear them out. No, not hold your composure till they finish speaking, no. Really make an effort to hear what they’re saying. This is a good month to move and or make some moves. Epiphanies are on TEN! Keep a pen and paper handy to document them. Bumpin’ into old friends is shown. Enjoy.

Monies look to be on an upward swing. Still, resist spending frivolous. On the 22nd the sun enters Virgo, you should feel this solar charge too. Spend this new burst of energy like you should spend the new cash–wisely.


“…taking over areas in Aquarius.” ~L. Boogie & her “…I was hopeless now I’m on hope-roll.”

These tenets should resonate swell with you this month. The reading shows some kind of hope is restored for the Libra in August. And it’s gonna feel hella good! Study the Aquarius principle. Hang out with the ones you dig. Let ‘em rub off on you.

They should facilitate that creative vision for you, even if they do so unknowingly. Be sure to credit them either way. The best creative efforts and freedom is spawned from being responsible. Prepare well. Trust your intuition. Don’t doubt yourself. All is well.

  • Tip: On and or near the 17th if you’re feeling spunky and upbeat play a game of chance. Try to play in an unfamiliar neighborhood.


Still feel stalled or lagging in some way? With Saturn currently in Scorpio, this feeling is of sound cosmic note. Sometimes there’s a gift in delay. Study it. Don’t hate it. We tend to only honor the “flows” in life. When it’s “ebbing & flowing” this makes the balance. Ebbing, receding, is to be honored too, if not, at least examined. Take some time out. Reason, in lieu of resentment.

Believe in self. Be in self. Sit with self. Find comfort in your own company this month. Most Scorpions are naturally solitary, so you should find this exercise easy to exact. Oprah is documented as saying that your wounds is your wisdom. Heal.

  • Homework tip: Study the goddess “Freya.” I’ll be starting “Freya’s Fridays” an online radio show slated to air on Friday afternoons. All about healing in/and Love. Join us. <3


Astro-buff and pull-no-astro-punches youtuber Alyssa Sharpe speaks…well...Sharpe opines very sharply about Sag’s and their insecurities. Now, most minds will instantly reflect on the Sag’s they know to see if they can relate or correlate to how Ms. Sharpe defined the Archer. But if I’ve been told once I’ve been told twice, don’t do that. Do not narrow your astro-field to just “the ones” you know of any sun sign, personally. There’s billions of people on the planet and the constellations are even moor vast than that!

But sometimes you just can’t help it, you hear something, and the mind goes where it goes. I looked at my computer’s monitor screen at Alyssa’s attractive face GOIN’ IN’ on the Sag and their insecurities [per her POV] and instantly thought of the ones I knew/know as well as what I’ve read in books on the hunter to gauge how accurate her say is. Note: My library is TIGHT!

At the top of one of Marvin Gaye’s [was a fellow fire sun sign] hit songs he sings how “We’re all sensitive people.” I settled with “I don’t think they are no more than anybody else” and continued enjoying Alyssa’s astro-commentary. Then… then… that Jay-Z [Sag] interview he did with Harry Allen came to mind, something Harry Allen asked him, more like, stated to him, came flooding back! Paraphrasing, Harry noted that Jay-Z’s stiff coolness was in place to better manage insecurity. I was in awe. Of who? No, not Jigga, but Harry Allen! Needed to know his birthday, pronto! Mr. Allen, incredible insight.

Then there’s that interview Oprah did with Jamie Foxx. One of the latter ones where she met him in NYC. I really dug that interview so much due to astrology being mentioned favorably, with reverence. While J.F. was playing the piano Oprah made inquiry regarding Foxx’s confidence. Without hesitation, with honest courage he repeatedly reminded that he’s a Sag. I was all ears and eyes after that. And yes, Alyssa Sharpe’s sharp commentary on the Sag came to mind; in that Oprah and Jamie TV moment!

Watched these TV items, respectively, with a considerable time lapse in the interim, mind you. Foxx reminded Winfrey of his sun sign as if she already knew or it was common knowledge that most Sags may suffer with hidden insecure issues. Again, as an astrologer, I was stunned! I know that the ego is ruled by Aries and Aries is the youngest of the fire-sign set, it’s the youngest of the zodiac period. But with Sagittarius being the eldest of the fire set, surely it’s accrued more security by virtue of moor age and wisdom; right?

Moving on… my mind goes to the element of “fire”. It’s the only one of the four that’s not self-sufficient. It NEEDS oxygen to survive. Finally, I ‘got’ what Sharpe, Allen and Foxx meant. The other three need oxygen (air) too. Air is the only truly self-contained element. It rises higher to cleanse itself. It’s no wonder the air signs rule communication, thought. Take the High Road. Thoth…Asir.

Sag, pay attention to the details this month. As well-worn as this practice now is…seems to have lost some of its novelty, so what, still…do it! Write down great affirmations and post them to the mirrors in your home, or where you know you’re likely to see them often and recite them. Insecurities heal when wounds do. EFT could be another healing consideration. Abiola has a video for it on here. On the 4th something of note is noted; negative or positive? Not clear. But again, it should be of note. A signify’er. Memorable. Confrontation is also shown. Most Sag’s typically don’t back down! But… make sure it’s worth it.

Mothering or being mothered is highlighted. Enjoy the nurturing–it’s needed. Other relatives may reach out to you for the same treatment.

  • Homework: Study “Auset.”


Money matters matter, as they do for most of us, but they REALLY matter for the Capricorn in general, but moreso this month. Keep that ledger tight–be conscientious enough to log all monies coming in and going out. That court matter looks favorable–just be sure to cross all t’s and dot all i’s.

Keep in mind, the judicial system, courts, are co-ruled by Libra & Capricorn.

  • Tip: Fast, sacrifice something you enjoy doing or consuming this month–this practice–when hosted healthy–aides greatly in netting desired results. Try not to tell anyone of this fasting. A communal dinner is highlighted. One you’ll attend or host. It looks promising. Enjoy.


You get another full moon (rare in such a close time frame). Yup, lunar will plump FULL in Aquaboogie airy wondrous’ness on the 20th. If you’ve prepped well beforehand that desire should manifest in or around then.

Be active. Balanced, yet ACTIVE! There’s something or someone you might feel compelled to defend. For most water bearers to insert themselves in such a fiery role it really has to be worth it. Trust your reasoning and fight the good fight!

Most Aquarians are modest in the area of their personal aesthetics, but you’ll suddenly feel more attractive. ‘Cause you are. Charge it to full-moon lunar loveliness. You’ll attract a lot of “interested parties” this month. May even feel the urge to start an affair. The tunes “Start a Romance” , “Caught Up in One-Night Love Affair”, and Me’lisa Morgan’s “Love Changes” suddenly comes to mind. Listen to them, lyric for lyric before diving in to the proverbial Love Affair Pond. Though it’ll be good, real GOOD! Bear in mind, the pond is shallow, as in a short-lived affair.

Do you want something that’ll only last a month or two? No matter how juicy it is… OK, some of you are probably like “…that good? What tha heck… Hell yeah!” Lol… As you were. We’re all grown.

It should turn out to be a dynamic month for you Aquarian. A lot still needs to be healed. On the 7th a mis-communication of some kind is shown. Solution should be netted at least seven days later. More discord on or near the 24th. A resolution should arise by the 27th, though. Fret not.

R e l e a s e the fear and reclaim the POWER. A’se.

  • fn: Honor loyal friends. Honor loyalty period–especially to your true sense of self. Sag pals are noted. Fire-signs friends in general. A love affair with one is shown, but… ask yourself: Is it really worth jeopardizing a long-standing friendship? There are other sexy fire-signs out there to consider. *chuckles*


Things may kick off to a BIG start this month. But don’t indulge in so much fun to the point of being so distracted that you forgo your spiritual practices [if this is your thing…most Pisceans are very spiritual]. The time has come to commune with your ancestors. Offer them offerings of love in love. Different incenses are divine too. Do the research.

Mood is mostly mellow this month. A good thing. The moon energy courts you strong–acknowledge her in kind. Trust your intuition not their illusion. The 18th , key date. Meditation will reveal why.


Confrontation is ruled by Aries. But this month try to import action in the vein of love. Like I told Virgo above, hear them out. Be humble and open to the ideas and insights of others. For you may find yourself resisting authority or someone resisting yours. Listen to them.

What you may hear could resolve not only the matter at hand but heal old wounds you forgot you had.

On or around the 10th if your spirits are up and the mood strikes you (and there’s spare finances) visit a casino and or play some game of chance. Have fun!


Tie up unfinished business. Try to do so before the full moon, if you can. Some sort of urgent something that concerns you deeply is coming to an end. Not sure if it’s a positive or a negative. Either way, this ending is long-overdue. If bitterness is held at bay, only wisdom can be rendered here.

Career looks positive. Someone in a high position finally notices your positive efforts. Still…be keen of deception and or any other trickery being hosted in the office. Be aware. Yet, enjoy the kudos, you’ve earned them.

  • Tip: Take extra precaution this month in vehicles especially with family in tow. And especially if your b-day is May 10th. Don’t be paranoid, just well-prepared. Also, if they are any other 9 of Diamonds in the vehicle, be alert.
  • Number for you this month: “13″ (No, don’t see it that way…don’t fall into that superstition)


There’s a natural antsy’ness in most Geminis anyhow–that Mercury rulership thing. But this month, due to feeling dissatisfied with life, it’s on SWOLL! I would recommend the “5HTP” here too, cept… it is my belief that Geminis LOVE their antsy energy. ‘Could care less who it irritates. Lol… In that proverbial ‘ants in the pants and need to dance’ respect, dance wisely. Get a lot done–constructive necessities.

Trust self enough to take a short trip, alone. Yes, you read right…ALONE. I know…the twins can feel so alone without their better half in two, anyway. Now, if they currently don’t have a mate in their life–one to take trips with, long or short ones, they may figure “why bother even going?”

I figure “be bothered with yourself, Go!”

I know, the thought of vacationing by yourself rarely crosses your mercurial mind–if ever. ‘Gotta trust self enough to trust traveling just with self. Some sort of spiritual rite-of-passage is cosmically shown for you if you do. If finances permit, I’d consider it. A simple country drive to a bed & breakfast might do the trick. Get on the net and search, research, all getaway possibilities. Carry a journal with you, camera, etc. Document. Document. Document. Divine. Divine. Divine.

  • fn: Remember “short trips” are Gemini ruled. 🙂


Exercise: Working with the Rhodochrosite stone is key. It’s varies in price but mostly nominal. Be it a piece of a jewelry or a loose piece: tumbles. Once you cop it clear it. Sage smoke is good for this process. Sea salt can work just fine as well: bury it in the salt for about 3 days. Once done discard the salt immediately and clean the dish well.

I learned that it is the Rhodochrosite stone that greatly helps to bring repressed “stuff” to the surface. Gotta unearth it to heal it. No one likes anyone to make them feel self-conscious. No one likes this worse than the crab. But this month the challenge is for YOU to be conscious of self. In a healing way not a beat-up on yourself way. Awareness of self, your true self. Not the self that ego likes to project and be perceive as. Self-awareness leads to self-mastery. Correcting or enhancing self-esteem is the cornerstone.

  • Tips: On the 18th spend some time with just self for self. Take no calls. Take some serious me-time.

Pay attention to your finances. Pay attention to your dreams. Document both. Happy Healing Lunar Lovely.

-Mama G.

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