Vishuddha Chakra activation empowers you to live in your truth and be unapologetically yourself.

It is time to unblock your throat chakra and claim your voice and claim your power.

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Open Your Vishuddha Chakra

A healed throat chakra looks like authentic confidence, the ability to speak your truth, be vulnerable and express your thoughts.

I call the Throat Chakra ‬the VOICE CHAKRA because the Vishuddha chakra is about the ability to speak your truth.

Signs of a blocked vishuddha include fear of expressing your original ideas, stunted or blocked creativity, procrastination, being easily manipulated, not trusting your inner voice, and even at times shyness and social anxiety.

Your Vishuddha  action plan?

Speak up, speak out, be heard, EXPRESS yourself, my goddess!


How to Unblock Your Fifth Chakra

  1. Speak your truth – mindfully, and with compassion.
  2. Prioritize your self-expression and your creativity.
  3. Allow yourself to cry it out, scream, BAWL with VOICE.
  4. Allow yourself to feel pleasure, orgasm, scream with VOICE.
  5. Chant with sacred mantras, singing and affirmations.
  6. Embrace blue crystals, stones and minerals like lapis lazuli, sodalite, larimar


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