How to Heal Your Womb Chakra

Womb Chakra: How to heal your womb

  1. Honor Your Sacred Vessel with Sacred Bathing. Bathe with honey, cinnamon, oranges and rose petals. Essential oils include orange, patchouli, cinammon, sandalwood and rose. Sacral Chakra healing crystals include carnelian, amber and citrine. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am comfortable in my body.
  2. Honor Your Creativity. You are a creative force. YES! You are a creative person. Is your art wood working, cooking, painting, dancing, hair braiding, poetry, kickboxing or even makeup? Choose your expression.  Your crafts, scrapbooking and gardens? Art! Womb Chakra Affirmation: I have the power to create worlds.
  3. Heal Your Relationship with Your Mother. Whether your mother is living or has transitioned, you can heal your relationship. If you have a narcissitic mother or mother figure who is unhealthy for you to be around, you can do this healing work without ever contacting her. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I lovingly forgive and release.
  4. Heal Your Relationship with Your “Mother” Culture. There is a reason why we say Mother Earth, Mother Tongue, Mother Country and Motherland. We all have several cultural mothers. Heal this relationship as well. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am powerful beyond belief.
  5. Move Your Hips and Dance for Your Own Pleasure. Try hip circles, yoga, twerking, pole fitness, burlesque or cabaret. Womb Chakra Affirmation: My hips move mountains.
  6. Release Unhealthy Attachments and Co-Dependency. Our womb spaces are created for holding and carrying a human baby for 9 months. We also carry the residue of unhealthy and unhealed relationship energy. Many of us also carry the residual trauma of sexual abuse and trauma. Release any unhealthy situation you are currently in. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am free.
  7. Heal the Shame. This divine feminine sacred container is also where we store grief, anger, shame and fear. Create a Womb Forgiveness Ceremony. Heal your shame and you heal all of those who came before you and after you. Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am proud of myself.
  8. See a Womb Healer. You may prefer therapy, coaching, massage or any number of sacred healing modalities.  I recommend Tracey Bryant Swint or Breathwork Coach Kathleen Booker.  Womb Chakra Affirmation: I am worth loving.