What is a sacred soul contract? These are the things you were promised before birth, and the things you also agreed to before you were born.

Sacred Soul Contracts – 7 Things You Agreed to Before You Were Born

What were our pre-birth agreements, the original birth plans?
Do you want to remember who you really are?
This is what you agreed to and were promised before you were born.

Soul contracts are pre-birth agreements.
1. You get a body. They will come in different colors, sizes and abilities.
2. This body will expire, but the way you take care of it is up to you.
3. Our purpose here is evolution, expansion, never ending growth.
4. You will be given the best tribe to support your greatest expansion.
5. You will have free will to carry out your own divine assignment.
6. None of us is better or worse than the next.
7. You are an alchemist with the sacred gift of Co-Creation, capable of the greatest of things, perfect in your imperfections.