Healing crystals have different energies that can affect the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the person working with them. 

There could be many reasons why you may want to buy crystals. Be sure that your intentions are clear. The power of intention is everything. Will you use your healing crystal for therapeutic purposes? Or will you be using these lovely gems and rocks as accessories? Any way you choose to use them is up to you.

Just know that crystals have energy. They will emit energies regardless of how you use them. So, be sure to choose a crystal that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but one that you feel is rightfully yours. Often it can feel like a certain stone is calling to you. Or that you are craving one gem over another. Trust your inner guidance.


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What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystals, gemstones, rocks. Just holding the right crystal, at the right time, can bring about a change in energy and attitude and induce a sense of calm, healing and well-being. Each crystal has its own healing properties with some best suited for love, others for protection, and others for monetary abundance and prosperity.

Crystal Vibrational Patterns

Crystals are believed to have healing properties through the vibrational patterns inherent in them. The vibrational pattern affects our frequencies, causing them to serve us in a healing manner.

Various stones and crystals are available here on earth and what’s good about them is that each holds unique vibrational pattern from each other so that there is a particular gemstone or crystal that corresponds to certain need.

It is also believed that the longer that you are exposed to them, the more that it can give an impact or effect on you as the vibrational patterns found in the stones or crystals naturally and automatically are drawn or aligned towards the vibrational patterns in you.

By using different crystals and gemstones, the combination of vibrational patterns affects different aspects of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual anatomy.

Crystals and gemstones can help faciliate healing in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.


What Healing Crystals Can Do For You

Crystals and stones have electric conductivity. The right crystal will affect the energy of the environment it is in. That energy can influence you whether you hold it in your hand or place it by your bed or even simply put it on your window sill.

The human body, and all other living things for that matter, have energy, which when aligned with electric conductivity of the crystals and stones produce force. The energy in the body interchanges at points and moves in our circuits aka chakras. When crystals or stones are placed on these chakras, it helps heal the organs of the body and help them perform better.

• Crystals are also beneficial to plants and animals. Some believe that placing them in the pots will help the plants grow better. Some also say that placing small crystals in the drinking water of their pets will improve their condition and find them refusing to drink other normal water.

• Crystals and gemstones are also loved and recommended by the feng shui experts. By placing crystals and stones in some strategic areas around your home, you activate positive energy flow, the law of attraction and manifesting. For example, placing a huge citrine ball by any cash register is said to make the biz more abundant.

Some examples of healing crystals and what they can do for you include:



Amethysts are available in various hues and shades of light violet to indigo to lilac to vibrant purple. Amethysts resonate with the Crown Chakra, and opens the gateway for higher intuition, connection with the Divine, tapping into intelligence via the upper brain. It provides clarity when there is confusion in the mind and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

For example, you can put malachite or amethyst under your pillow at night and observe the shift in your sleep and dreams. If it has affected your dreams, that is how healing property of that stone is working on you.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink crystal and is a soothing and calming stone focused on the heart, love and harmony. It is used to help open your heart to give and receive love, helps you to forgive yourself and others, and is best used for relationship troubles and emotional issues. It can be worn or held when you are emotionally troubled and offers a soothing and calming affect that brings peace and tranquility.


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Citrine healing gemstone rock


Citrine is a golden, yellowish crystal. It’s used by those who want to invite more prosperity and abundance into their lives. It will help the user manifest more money by removing financial blockages and attracting new opportunities. It can be worn, kept in a purse or wallet, or in a cash drawer/money box in the home or office.




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Carnelian is a stone that varies in color from light orange to reddish brown. It is used for motivation, inspiration, and confidence. It also inspires perseverance, offering additional support to help the user get through tough situations.

Love & Money Crystals

Love stones and money stones are among the most popular. If you hope to find a new relationship or improve a current one, try stones and crystals like jade, turquoise, romance crystal gold, rose quartz, emerald, moonstone, rainbow jasper, and imperial topaz. To attract money energy flow, try garnet, malachite, citrine, adventurine and smokey quartz.

Healing Crystals & Stones

Physical, spiritual and emotional healing are other reasons folks use crystals. There specific stones and crystals for this purpose. This is believed to work by placing the objects within the personal or aura atmosphere, where they heal both physical and emotional conditions.

Crystal healers usually conduct the process at the person’s home. They are said to help improve physical health such as indigestion, fatigue, inflammation and headaches. It is recommended that only the right and good quality crystals and stones are used for this purpose.


Do Crystals & Gems Really Have Curative Healing Properties?

Amethyst Crystals - healing and empowerment

Crystals and gemstones are gorgeous, but most valued for their healing properties. Their curative effects have been known for many centuries although treatment with crystals is still recommended only when done with modern conventional medical practices.

These fine rocks of various colors have long been used as amulets as they are able to emit energy and enhance the body’s vibrations. Whether this is scientifically proven, many crystal healing practitioners and patients have testified on its effectiveness.

*Science seems to be catching up with spiritual healing when it comes to yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, fasting and other curative gifts, so stay tuned! 



Crystal Colors & Their Meanings

Violet/Purple – this color is related to the clarity of mind and wisdom, it is most effective in harnessing spiritual growth and awakening passion for life
Pink – this color is associated to love, it is most effective if you intend to make someone feel they are loved or if there are pains that need to be alleviated.
Clear – this color is for clarity of intuition and effective communication. Use this in moments of decision making
Green – this is the color for healing
Indigo – this color is for meditation and discernment. It is most effective when you feel blinded or hampered by negative thoughts
Red – this is the color of energy and is often used to alleviate depression and boredom
Yellow – this color is for controlling the activities of the mind. Use this when you feel indecisive in your life’s direction
Blue – this color is associated with peace, so you may use this when you feel restless, anxious or nervous
Black – this is most powerful for all the colors are within, this will help you gain insight on all possible decisions or situations in life
Orange – this is associated with friendliness and influence. This is useful in times of insecurity.


healing crystals - amethyst stone

How to Choose Your Crystal

The best way to choose a crystal by intuition. When you look at the variety of crystals, you often find one that magnetically grabs your eye. If you don’t feel any connection by sight, try touching the crystals. Some could be cold to the touch and some warm, whatever feels comfortable in your hand could be the one. Since you now know the crystal colors and their meanings, you may choose one according to what you think you want to use it for. You can buy several in different colors that you can use on specific occasions.


lightworker manifesting your power with healing stones, rocks and quartz crystals


How to Tell a Phony or Ineffective Crystal or Gemstone

  • Smell them. A strong unnatural smell given indicates that there has been an application of coatings to enhance the color but actually is enough to weaken or dampen the energy of the stone.
  • Check for irradiation. Considered the worst artificial treatment process, this is used to remove imperfections and bring out the color. Unfortunately, this causes the energy of the gems or crystals to become weak, and worse, dead.
  • Check for bad dye jobs. Also one of the worst artificial treatment procedures done, it is used to enhance the color. A weakened energy state of the stone is created when you see an unnatural, uneven color application or color that is easily rubbed off.
  • Also avoid those that look too beautiful to be true. There are fakes crystals and gemstones everywhere. You don’t want to be victimized by being carelessly enchanted by the flawless- and gorgeous-looking fake commodities.
  • Identify the 3 C’s. Clarity, cut, and color.
  • Ask questions or do research.

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How to Care for Your Crystals

Vibrations and energies can be imprinted on a crystal so clean it when you first you buy it. You need to neutralize whatever energies are left on the crystal by others who may have touched it. Then you are now free to impress your personal intentions and energy —  so that the energies of the crystal are in alignment with you.

How to Clean Crystals

You may smudge or use salt to cleanse the crystal. Just leave it submerged in a container of salt for about 24 hours. However, be aware that salted water can discolor crystals. Nonetheless, cleasing crystals in ocean water during equinoxes and soltices is super powerful. To freshen up your crystal’s energy, wash it with water and place it under the sun or new moon light or play soft, flowing music to remove any negative energy that may have attached to the crystal.


Where to Get Healing Crystals

There could be many reasons why you want to buy a crystal. Before doing so, make sure that your intentions are clear. Will you use it for therapeutic purposes? Or will you be using them as accessories? Anyway you want to use them is up to you, but remember that crystals and gemstones have energy and they will continue to emit energies regardless of how you use them. So, choose a crystal that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but one that you feel is rightfully yours.

There is no single, best place to purchase crystals. You can find high-quality crystals at your local Crystal Shop or Metaphysical store. The benefit of purchasing from a brick and mortar shop is that you can see the crystal up close, from all angles, handle it, and feel the energy. There may also be a particular shape that works best for your hand or the type of necklace you want to use it in.

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Here are a few tips for purchasing crystals online:

  • Ask for store recommendations from friends or connections online.
  • Read the reviews of online stores.
  • Etsy and eBay are excellent places to purchase, just pay attention to the reviews and ratings of the seller.
  • Look for a social media page and read the comments from buyers, sellers, and those interested in crystals.
  • Ask questions.

Amethyst Gemstone Crystal Healing


Womb Chakra Healing! Divine Feminine Sacral Chakra Opening for Manifesting

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