This is a must-have conversation about stopping heavy periods; tips and advice for women dealing with heavy bleeding during your menstrual period. Recently, we discussed natural fibroid holistic cures vs. surgery and Abiola shared the aftermath of her experience with sacral chakra healing.

Now Goddess Christie B. the Wholistic Urbanite shares here tips and story on heavy menstrual bleeding. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Menorrhagia is the medical term for menstrual periods with abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding. Although heavy menstrual bleeding is a common concern, most women don’t experience blood loss severe enough to be defined as menorrhagia.” We call medical B.S. on that! Whether you are officially diagnosed with menorrhagia or not, heavy periods can be stressful and life-depleting, often leaving us depressed and anemic with a reduced quality of life.


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“Help, My Period is SO Heavy” by Wholistic Urbanite

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I am Christie B. the Wholistic Urbanite, sharing integritive living: Mind, Body, Spirit for the modern day Sistah. I make videos on how to live a holistic lifestyle in an urban environment: Ultimate green smoothies, herbology, raw vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Today, I want to talk about the top five things you can do when your menstruation is very, very heavy. This heavy period conversation may be a little graphic but if you’re a guy and you’re supporting a woman who has fibroids or endometrial carcinoma, any other kinds of female reproductive health issues, you may want to tune in and listen.


Heavy Period Advice: Transcript

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Hello! Just here hanging out in Santa Monica and the park. Just wanted to check in with you today. I want to talk about the top five things you can do when your menstruation is very, very heavy. Okay guys, you know, you can hang in here with me, but you know, I might be a little graphic, but I would say if you’re a guy, you’re supporting a woman who has fibroids or endometriosis or any other kind of female reproductive health issues, you may want to tune in and listen and help us, give her some information, pass this video on, you know what I’m saying?

So first and foremost, everyone knows I am a fibroid sister. I was diagnosed with seven a fibroid tumors that used to hemorrhage immensely. Things were really, really, really, really messy and really, really severe.

In the beginning when I was first diagnosed and I didn’t know how to take care of myself. I didn’t know the proper things to do to help with all the hemorrhaging which was a result of my estrogen levels spiking and being extremely high and just a plethora of other things that just went on and on and on, on a monthly basis. I’m someone who would have my menstruation flow would be anywhere from seven to 14 to 30 days a month of intense, intense hemorrhages. So I’ve learned a few things over the years and how to get control of these things and live a happy, healthy life. So the top five things, okay, so these are the top five things you want to do the week before you menstruation and the week after your menstruation.

So first and foremost, eliminate all meat. I’m sorry, I’m gonna say it again. Eliminate all meat because well, the main components are chicken and beef these products or the animals are, you know, shot up with hormones. If you’re a woman that’s dealing with these kinds of conditions in your reproductive system and your uterus, those hormones then get into your body and your bloodstream and then they spike your hormone levels. And then, you know, it was a bad scene, the whole situation. So if you can eliminate these things like just you know, before and the week during, you know, that might be a wise thing to consider. Okay, I’m not trying to make you go vegetarian, I’m just saying, you know, that’s something that could really help and be very beneficial.

The next thing is the same thing in line with the spiking of your estrogen levels is eating soy products. Soy in the beginning, you know, so it was always called a vital nutrient, which mean it was a plant based nutrient. However, soy as well has the capacity to spike your estrogen levels, which then creates a situation where hemorrhaging can be even more severe than it would be hedge, not be eating this product. So it’s just something to look out for and to be mindful of. You don’t have to believe everything I say or anything I say. You could try it yourself. You know, send a shout out to me, try my tips and let me know, you know, if it works for you.

So the next thing is drink and eat green, green, green, green. Looking at the world, the world, the earth, the land is green. This city on his green, everything is green. You want your whole body to be great. He wants the blood to be green. It’s beautiful. It’s, it’s chlorophyll is the sun and liquid form.

You want to get this in your body. So the week before you want to be green salads, but we during, you want to eat big green salads, lots of kale, romaine, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus. I mean need. I go on and on and on. Green, green, green, green, very, very green juices, green smoothies, anything that you can get into your body. That’s green. Honey, let me tell you, it makes a body go good. Okay, I’m telling you.

The next thing of course, is to drink lots of water during your menstruation and the week before and a week during. Stay hydrated, flushing things out. You know, when most of the time I feel like women were extremely lucky. We have a situation where our bodies naturally eliminate and detox for seven days a month. That is a wonderful, beautiful thing so that things don’t pile up over the course of time.

So you have a natural detoxification system right in your body and you know, drinking more fluids and getting more water to your body. That’s just going to help to bless all the bad out. The body knows there’s some bad in no. Okay. Cause that’s the whole reason for that. So now just help your body, help you, help yourself. Okay. Help her body, drink more water, help your buddy to flush out all of these horrible toxins and things that shouldn’t be in your body.

And last but not least, the number five thing, I would highly recommend it, sit your ass down somewhere. Sorry to curves. But if you are on your menstruation and you have fibroid tumors, you have endometriosis, you have issues where you have severe, crampy, severe pms, you flushed it on everybody you mad, pissed off at the world. Things don’t feel right. You don’t feel good, you’re bloated and you’re hemorrhaging beyond belief. You need to sit down somewhere. Okay. If I could do it all again, I can’t tell you. Oh my God, I was like an energizer bunny. I just would not stop. I had a full time job. I was doing theater every night, a week. You know, there was a time when I was doing shows every night. That was one summer I did like summer stock. So I’m working Monday through Friday, nine to five and then I would leave and go jump straight on the bar. I was in the bay area at the time, dumping the bar and then go do a show. And then on the weekends, all I did was dancing, seeing the whole weekend, day and night. So never got any rest. And if I could do that all over again, you know, I’m happy where I am in my life right now and I’m happy I had went through that process.

But had I known, you know, if I had a fairy godmother, Youtube, big sister like myself to tell me baby girl, sit down, rest, take care of yourself, love your body. You know when you’re in your menstruation, first of all, just mean any administration under normal circumstances is a time that a woman should be relaxing and taking it easy. And I know we got to take care of the kids and you gotta go to work and you’ve got to go to school. We have all these obligations in this modern world that we live in. But when you are suffering from something like fibroids, especially the reason why you have these fibroids, one of the reasons is stress. So if you are hemorrhaging beyond belief and you got to put on five paths and three tampons, you need to sit down somewhere, you know, lay down, get a book, has some Netflix, catch up on, you know, Orange is The New Black.

Look for Christie, be somewhere else, some movie or some commercial. You feel me? And just chill out. You know, it’s okay. It’s okay to take that time for yourself. I think it’s really important. We’re always made to feel guilty about taking care of our bodies and taking care of ourselves. I get some kind of sign of weakness, but I think that, um, you know, when you, when you need healing, you need healing. If you need to sit down and be quiet and be still, then you need to down and be quiet and be still.

So I say all of my tips would all love, all light, all grace, all, everything. I love everybody. I love the, where I love my life. Go on my Youtube, Wholistic Urbanite. You can catch me on Instagram and Wholistic Urbanite. My Twitter is wholisticurbi. Facebook. I’m Crystal Bush on Facebook.

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Help, My Period is so Heavy!

Help, My Period is so Heavy!