Passion is the driving force that differentiates you from being just another entrepreneur and being a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur.

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 Turning Your Dream Into A Workable Plan: A Process

The right passion path has to be fueled by hard work, commitment, and passion which is why a lot of people promote making your dreams a career. Even though a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs of different ventures adhere to this, not a lot make it far enough to enjoy its benefits. As a coach, it can be frustrating watching spiritual women entrepreneurs become stagnant in their journey to realizing their goals.

Let’s talk about how you can turn your dream into a workable plan and career.

The first thing you should understand is that you are not a failure, you are not lazy, neither are you dumb. You just don’t know how to transition from a dream to a plan and now you are stuck.


Think Long Term

Sure you have been to several conferences, signed up for free webinars, and even worked with a lot of coaches. All of that is really positive but have you ever sat and thought about where you would be in the next five years?. As a great woman entrepreneur, you need to keep calculated moves. You need to think about the future and make the right connections to take you there.

A huge spiritual business doesn’t get built in a day, you have to start mapping out early. This way you can check your progress daily, monthly, and yearly.


Draft Out A Game Plan

Once you realize where you want to be and what you would like to have accomplished at a set date in tbe future, it is time to get your spiritpreneur hat on and think like one. Draft out a plan and create milestones that will get you there.

There are a few factors you might want to take into consideration during the course of drafting out this plan. They are;

  • The right amount of income
  • A kickass staff

These are very important factors if you’re mapping out a spiritual business plan for the future.

Create Small Goals

For every successful spiritual woman entrepreneur, it is important to understand the value of taking baby steps. It is quite necessary for you to understand that success does take time and waiting patiently while you work is okay. Take the above description for instance, if someone should walk up to you and say you need to make $10,000 more to begin the process you might be discouraged. However, think about it this way, $10,000 in a year is less than $1000 in a month. This makes it easier and more achievable.

Asides from all of this, as spiritpreneurs, it is important for you to believe in yourself because you can achieve anything with the right frame of mind. So whatever your big dream is, incorporate all these tips and you will surely accomplish your goal.