Spiritual Business Pricing Workshop: How to price for coaching and healing services is a place where many spiritual business entrepreneurs get stuck. Watch this free pricing workshop for a formula and pricing mistakes that you definitely do not want to make. 


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TODAY’s SESSION on Facebook.com/abiolaTV at 4pm EST is about pricing.

Learn why I say that pricing is spiritual — and why the term “charge what you’re worth” can get you confused AND how your money blocks are keeping you underpaid and overworked.

 pricing and charging for your services

Here is the question on pricing that MD sent me:

“Hi Abiola! My name is — I just started my Coaching Practice …I have coaching certification and my MSW Reiki Master and Reflexology and other certifications. I put up my site on Facebook and I received my first customer potential but anyways I don’t even know the pricing. I didn’t know it was going to go so fast into this. I’m happy about it but nervous and not sure where to start pricing.”


See you at 4pm EST on Facebook.com/abiolaTV with the answer.

Free Facebook Spiritual Business Class Schedule:

***Tues 1/16, 4pm EST

***Weds 1/17, 4pm EST

***Thurs 1/18, 6:30 pm EST (This one requires registration: www.RichGoddess.club)

***Fri 1/19, 2pm EST

***Sat 1/20, 11am EST


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What to Charge for Coaching and Healing