Trigger warning, if you have challenges in this area…

We’re all about H.A.E.S. here on The Passionista Playbook. That means Healthy At Any Size. This love blog is also about “body love,” which means loving yourself enough to be the healthiest, fittest, most self carin’ goddess you can be!

Taking all of that into consideration, we feel that our FLOTUS Michelle Obama is right on point with her focus on healthy bodies, moving daily, eating better and general well-being; not fat shaming.

This is “bigger” than skinny jeans. There’s an industry banking on your fat, check it out! It’s enough to make me add an extra heart-healthy kettlebell workout tonight. In fact, I think that I will…

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Most people already know that obesity is on the rise in the United States. However, what most people do not realize is that if the trend continues, a large portion of the population will be considered obese by the year 2030.

If the obesity rate does not stop climbing at such rapid speed, nearly half of all citizens of the United States will be considered obese, with a large portion being considered overweight as well. As the obesity rate increases, so does business for certain sectors.

As the obesity rate rises, the demand for certain products continues to rise as well. Individuals who are obese will need to purchase new sizes of clothing, which means the demand for this type of clothing is growing, and businesses that sell these items seem to be doing well. Morbidly obese individuals are also often looking for a way to lose weight, which means that different dieting products are selling off of the shelves like wildfire, ultimately helping these companies earn more.


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