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Natural Anxiety & Depression Remedies

+ Triangle Breathing Meditation

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Natural Anxiety Remedies, Depression & Mental Health Remedies + Triangle Breathing Meditation [Video]

Transcript: Anxiety and Depression Natural Healing Modalities

I’m Abiola. I am the founder of Womanifesting.com and the Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Law of Attraction Retreat. Today we are going to be talking about natural anxiety cures, natural anxiety cures. This is something that I really wanted to share with my spiritpreneur clients, but I felt like this was something that we all are needing in the world. Because all you have to do is just take one, look at the news and start to feel anxious or start to feel sad or whatever, which is natural. But then there’s some of us who have mental health challenges where we go a little bit further, no matter what is going on, we could feel anxious or a lot of people are dealing with depression and those kinds of things.

In this conversation we’re going to talk mostly about anxiety.

So let me just show you all this article and this is actually relevant to our conversation about anxiety. So I interviewed three couplepreneurs spiritpreneurs this month for assets. About, well three, was it three to four? They’re like, it was for, for about their businesses and how they make, you know, how they are successful entrepreneurs. And one thing with every single one of them. This is on page 94 one thing with every single one of these couples who are doing the darn thing like absolutely out there blowing things out of the water is that they all shared how they deal with stress and overwhelm that comes up. Stress and overwhelm that comes up when you’re trying to build your own business. You know, people talk about the pretty side of things and people make it seem like everything is glamorous and everything is Instagram friendly and all of that, but life, but you know, life gets in the way like you all know I just came from uterine surgery.

I’m not fully back yet, but you know, life happens and so I really wanted us to have a mental health check in everybody. Let me know what is going on with you. Even if you’re watching this on the replay, let me know. Mental health wise, what is happening with you? How are you feeling in your life and your day to day? Are you feeling stressed? Are you feeling overwhelmed? What methods do you have to deal with them? I’m going to share with you some today, some various herbs and breathing modalities and things like that to deal with anxiety because we have to have each other’s back. Like you could wake up like, you know, like I did completely, you know, happy today and then look at the news for three minutes and be like, oh my goodness. Like I can’t even believe what is happening.
So I think that it’s really important that we keep on having these conversations about dealing with anxiety, about dealing with overwhelm, about dealing with depression and the things that we are not supposed to talk about are the things that you don’t talk about in polite company.

Okay. So the first thing that I want to share with you, if you don’t have access to any of the herbs and teas that I’m going to share, you have access to breath. And so breathing, coming in contact with your breath. If you are in a state of either feeling anxious or either you deal with anxiety, this is what you want to do. It’s called triangle three thing. And it’s your four you’re going to inhale for, you’re going to hold for four and then you’re going to exhale, or, all right, inhale four, hold for four and exhale for, and so it’s called the triangle for those reasons. All right, so let’s try it. I can’t get my breath really, really deep yet.  I haven’t been able to breathe fully, deeply, um, since recovering from the surgery. And we can talk to my doctor about that in two days, but I will do it to the best of my ability. I just do it to the best of your ability. All right, so we’re inhaling for and hold two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four. Inhale, three, four, and hold two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four, two more cycles. Inhale, do three, four, and hold two, three, four and exhale, two, three, four, and health, two, three or, and hold two, three, or an exhale, two, three, four.

Anytime that you are feeling in a situation you remember before in another conversation I said, you can always excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Like excuse me, I got to go to the bathroom, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Sometimes you may need to do a four, four, four triangle breathing, you know, situation. If you’re dealing with anger or rage, sometimes it is if you have social anxiety, sometimes it is, you know, somebody just takes you off. Or sometimes if you are feeling sad and just need to reconnect with your breath and your life. Oh my goodness. Let me just share with you all this situation, Goddess. It sounds like someone is at the door. And let me just share with you this like a month ago I was speaking somewhere and I was talking to this nice older lady in the audience.

So, yes, I was speaking to this nice older lady who was sharing with me that she has my similar coaching certification and I was interested in what she had to say because she’s like, you know, I got your coach coaching sort of getting like she was coaching and you know, in the eighties, you know, like basically like while I was like in third grade she was like coaching. So that was interesting to me because the coaching profession hasn’t been around that long. So then it was really, the conversation started to turn, it started to get into like a measuring contest. Like, “oh, you went to a Tony Robbins seminar, I made Tony Robbins who he is, oh you teach meditation, I know the Dalai Lama.”

She was asking me about myself and like but I had no desire to compete with her. I was in awe of her. I thought she was awesome. And so I had to distance myself because I was raised very much to respect my elders and all of this. But then the lady started like kind of talking to me kind of sideways and like downplaying and dismissing some of the things that I do and have done. So I excused. I took my own advice and I was like, I have to go to the bathroom.

Luckily the lady wasn’t a thief because I left her there with my bag, with my phone, everything. I just like. It was like I got to go to bathroom, lady in the bathroom in the stalls were taken care of, but it was all good because I stood there and I did my four, four, four breaths. Inhale, two, three, four and hold two, three, four and exhale. Lady in her face, two, three and it hell no because the lady out hold your breath. Exhale. You know, it’s like that sometimes. So the four for four breaths work for anger, anxiety, depression, anytime that you need to reconnect with yourself and your breath. All right, so now I’m going to show you some teas and things like that that really worked to deal specifically with anxiety and some of them for depression.

Yes, you know, sometimes it’s like that and to like breathe too, don’t bunch of in a phase three and four. I’m just saying just saying lady, you should be glad there was four, four, four breathing. I’m sure she probably invented it or did it on the mountain with the Dalai Lama and the way I’m doing that is somehow wrong or whatever, but it’s all good. So the first thing I want to show you is wheat grass, organic wheat grass powder. Now if you can buy this and just order it from somewhere, it’s going to be a lot less expensive than if you buy wheat grass in um, in a juice bar or something like that. It may seem expensive, but if you go to a juice bar, like one of these little packs, they will take and put in like a little cup, like this big and it will be $8.

That is worth it for your health. But it is a lot, you know, more beneficial to just get this organic wheat grass powder. You can buy it on. You can probably find something. It doesn’t have to be this brand, you know, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Amazon. If you don’t have access to that. All right. And wheat grass actually helps with anxiety. Yeah. Now it’s not like the kind of thing that you’re going to sip. Let me get my notes and tell you exactly why it’s not, you’re not going to sip it and like, you know, swirling around and like, you just have to down it cause it’s pretty much like nasty. But if the good thing about it is that it feels good in your body is bringing your body, chlorophyll and B complex vitamins and it helps you to relieve anxiety naturally.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety that we might not be aware of. Maybe like procrastination. A lot of times if you are feeling like, you know, why can’t I just get this thing done? You may be dealing with anxiety, you know, if you are feeling overwhelmed, racing thoughts, um, even obsession, maybe we’re thinking about something and but you still can’t get it done and you know you’re starting to feel anxious about it. Have some wheat grass, okay down some wheat grass. It will help also along those lines. Turmeric. Now you can also cook with Tumeric, you know the powder or you can get some turmeric tea. Again, you can find this anywhere. It doesn’t have to be that brand. But to mark is really, really helpful not only for anxiety but for all kinds of elements because it has something in it called curcumin and that is the thing that is really, really great for your blood sugar, for your blood pressure, for m number of ailments.

And actually is a good time for me to say I am not a doctor. Double check with your doctor and do your own research. I am only sharing what I feel works for me, but do not take any of this to replace, uh, the advice of your doctor. In other words, don’t sue me all. I’m just trying to, I’m trying to look out, but make sure you check with your own doctor Goddess Auroras that she’s going for the powder now. Yes, it is really, really great also for weight loss. If you are doing some weight loss, if you need to let go of some unhealthy pounds, wheat grass, wheat grass, regress, wheat grass. Okay. Something else that is really, really good. I’m going to show y’all some roses. All right. Rosewater rosewater now, not this kind of rosewater, which is good for bathing, for doing sacred bathing, but rose water that you drink.

And so the way that you make rose water is for drinking purposes. Rose water. World’s water can also be used for perfuming. What you can do is you can just boil the petals and strain them just like you would a tea. And the rosewater is actually really, really calming. And so if you buy rosewater from a store and they, some stores do sell water that is made for drinking, you want to make sure that it is, you know, kitchen grade, nutritional grade, but you can drink it and you’re not drinking something that you want to put in your bath water.

That is where it says yes, anxiety brings on procrastination. Big Time. Yeah. And it becomes like this kind of dance back and forth where you don’t know what’s the cause and what’s the effect. And so some of the things that you might, sometimes what you might want to do if you are feeling anxiety is say to yourself, you know, what am I anxious about? And try to just get still and figure it out and then maybe just journal on it free, right? And see what you know, where, where are the sources? Because it’s it the procrastination that’s bringing on the anxiety or as the things need that’s bringing on the procrastination. It can go either way. All right, so now this one is a little bit controversial because raspberry leaf supports our bodies as women.

An the only reason it’s controversial is that, you know, there are some people who should not. If you’re trying to, if you’re trying not to conceive, for example, you may not want to drink raspberry leaf because they say that it makes you fertile. So be careful with the raspberry leaf. If you are a woman at different times in your cycle or your life, or like early puberty or menopause or something like that, you want to just check and just make sure about raspberry leaf. But the great thing about it is that it does help to regulate our hormones or hormonal balance. If you’re someone who is dealing with fibroids or endometriosis or something like that, again, double check of course with your doctor. But raspberry leaf was really, really good when I was at the height of love, fibroids, issues of just helping to just regulate my hormones.

So this keeps your, gets your womanly system in alignment. We don’t need to feel the need to apologize. If you were affiliated, it’s not back. I wish that you were so you can put your affiliate link up there and we could buy in and support you. Yes. Yes. So nothing wrong with you know, if you were affiliated, you know, but in this case is she is not God is Deborah. Cause I said, oh raspberry leaf will help you get pregnant. She put in all caps. Oh No, don’t want the raspberry leaf. All right. Yes. Okay. If you are, yeah, if you are trying, uh, not be pregnant. God is Deborah then. Yeah. Raspberry leaf is not your friend right now. Thank you for the hearts. Instagram. God is loosened up. Got Us a war. Recess. Hey, all right, so here. Oh and God is loose in the cross and I, this is an early announcement.

We haven’t announced it anywhere, but God is listening. We never even spoke about this. We’re going to speaking at an event in Queens, New York and I think August or September or something like that. Together. We’ll let you know about it when, when the details are finalized, but y’all should be there. Okay. So then there is the old standby camera. Blt could to help you to fall asleep. Good to help you to deal with stress, could to help you to calm down. Um, if you are on any kind of medication or anything like that you want to check because we assume that, okay, if something is a t or an herb, well I can just take that all willy nilly with whatever. But we forget that these are medications as well, even though they are an herb or a t. So if you are already on medication or if you have a preexisting medical situation, you always want to check, you always want to make sure.

Alright, so chamomile tea. Very good for just again staying calm. This is, you know, we think of it as helping us to fall asleep, but you can have, I’ve had chamomile tea first thing in the morning. If you are feeling anxious and you just need to just breathe and get to an equilibrium together. Now this one is interesting honey, honey. Yes, honey actually will help you to calm down your system if you have any kind of clinical anxiety. And that was really surprising for me. Now this is a New York honey because it is really good for you to drink, to drink, for you to use your local honey that is near you, especially if you have any kind of allergies because you know the pollen and the bees and all of that, it helps with your, if you are dealing with any kind of allergies and you are, I don’t know the technical terms, but the pollination will help your system.

Goddess, Norma says, you’re right. Goddess Abiola always check with your doctors before you try these herbs. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Yes, it got us where it says, oh, say God is happy yellow and listen to the guy that held out to USC. Yes, I’ll go up to you to see. All right, so then it’s just, I think that this may be the last one. So actually before I show you this, let me just show you these, these are my yoga blocks that I will show it, share with you my yoga gear in another video. But I’m using them here to hold up the different things that I’m showing you. Um, but they’re good to show because yoga is very, very good for anxiety, if you have racing thoughts, I have racing thoughts.

So some of us it’s a little bit more stressful. The Yoga is not stressful. It takes us a little longer time to calm down. Like I was telling my sister was laughing at me or with me when I was telling her that I was watching during the season of the bachelor and for those of y’all to watch the bachelor and there was this whole big lead up where every week they were like, is this guy gonna jump the wall? Cause he lost his mind over this woman and like leftover a wall. If you’re non bachelor person, You know what I’m talking about. But Bachelor people y’all know, you know what I mean? Let me know if you know what I mean. Don’t leave me out there. So I was telling my sister that when I was in yoga and I was laying there at the end, it’s a Boston where you’re supposed to be just coming in your lane letting everything go and integrating your whole practice. That I was thinking, you know like is he going to jump over the wall tonight?

Hurry up and go like how long is this going to be? Cause I really want to see like is this school going to jump over the wall or are we all going to be led through a whole episode? Again wondering like why did he jump over the wall? Like I just need him to jump over to this wall. So for some of us it may take a little bit longer. Another thing that you know for me like I just had to adjust to it’s yoga. So obviously they come around and adjust you and you know, help you to get into where you need to be. And that was another thing that I told my sister, you know, like months ago when I started, I started maybe maybe about six months ago or seven months ago of doing a consistent yoga practice and I told my sister, I was like, you know, they keep telling me what to do.

She’s like, yes, like that’s how it works. I was like, I know, but I feel sometimes like, you know, I don’t know, like people seem like they are like coming at you like aggressively, which is of course all my problem, my personal issues. I am aware of them and we had a situation with one of our daughters is who I will not name at the last retreat there was belly dancing.

Just like at this retreat there will be a Josephine Baker burlesque and cabaret, learn more at: GoddessofParis.com.

Come join me in Paris. One of our beautiful goddesses had to excuse herself and walk out of the class because she felt like, okay, this is like teachers like barking orders at me where as of course the teacher was teaching how to dance.

So it’s all good. We know that we have issues. So you know, Yoga, Yoga, Yoga, Yoga. All right, so this one is a really, really great one. Almost all religions. I had done some research on this a year ago and it was really interesting to find how almost all religions incorporate different beads and bead work. Um, these are Malla beads that I got actually in Bali when I did the Abundance Pray Love Retreat. A few years ago and there are 108 beads here. So just like, you know, with Catholics like my mom, you know, use a rosary where you would go to every deed in the rosary and maybe say like a hail Mary or you know, a prayer. You could do the same thing to calm yourself down if there is an affirmation that works for you.

So say that, you know, if you were feeling especially anxious, you could go around this whole string of beads of Malla beads and do a triangle breath four, inhale for four, hold for four, exhale for four for each and every one. Or You could do an affirmation, right? Yes. I says we keep our waist beads on. Absolutely. And my sister got us to Molly. She makes waist beads if you need waist beeds. See Damali Abrams. All right, so, and we made waist beads at the last retreat. We making waist beads at this retreat. Let us know. All right? So yes, you could go with each one and you can do the same actually with your waist beads as well. And just with each one just say an affirmation. So say your affirmation was, you know, I am calm and everything is working out perfectly.

I am calm and everything is working out perfectly and just go around each bead as you say, the affirmation. Okay. Now to someone who has any kind of ADHD, it may seem endless like what? But I promise you that at the end you will be less anxious. You will be more calm, he will be more mindful and more in the moment. When you come to play with us, you have beautiful energy. I feel it. I feel it, I feel it, I feel it. Okay, so waist beads. Ah, and this is a good one that I want to add to the list. So Goddes, Deborah is a CBD oil distributor and affiliate and she says if you infuse CBD in the teas to give an enhanced experience or would that be too much? Now here is what is, I want to just say this as a disclaimer.

Some people are allergic to CBD oil. Um, I believe that I would be one of my clients who is a spiritual wellness coach, had a huge reaction to CBD oil and ended up in the hospital however you want to go to. So that’s why you want to go to somebody like Goddess Deborah who is a distributor who you could be able to talk to and have a conversation with about, you know, using the CBD oil. Cbd Oil is also being news now for fertility. Okay. So Goddes Deborah know you. I think you’re the same one that’s like, hey, you want to avoid the roads, avoid beyond the raspberry leaf tea. Um, but it’s okay. So I wouldn’t put it together necessarily because remember that again, these are all different medications. Even though they are teas and natural resources, we want to think of them as medications.

So Goddess Deborah. What you may want to do instead is just do some research around one specific herbs that you could use that would be a natural compliment to CBD oil. And that would actually be got a step or a spare printer note or really great way for you to start to introduce this to people who would be your potential clients. So you could come out and you know, either write a blog or do a video or a webinar or something like that. You could do, as a matter of fact, Goddess Deborah and exact conversation just like we’re doing right now. Ways to use CBD oil to deal with your mental health and you could share with people everything that you researched that you figure out that works and throughout offer them and give them your link to be able to purchase. Okay?

Now this one was really shocking for me. Green tea. Now I love green tea, especially matcha green tea. Um, because it, you know, like everybody else that has caffeine and it gets you going and all of those kinds of things. And I don’t have coffee. I’ve never had coffee. I found out ice, never had coffee before either sat outside. I used to but I’m a big tea drinker so, but green tea also helps with anxiety. I was really, really happy to hear that. So that was really exciting. Green tea helps with anxiety. It feels like it would do the opposite because you know it gets you like hyped up at least for me, but it actually also has, you know, it helps you to deal with your anxiety. Now amethysts brought an MFS down somewhere and I may be sitting on it.

Also I find to be very calming. You can put an amethyst stone in your bra or in your bag somewhere where it’s touching your skin or get an amethyst bracelet. Um, amethyst stones are really, really good for keeping you calm, keeping you centered, helping you to deal with anxiety, especially if you have social anxiety and you’re going into a situation where you feel like you are going to be on edge. Okay. All right. So your homework God says is to try some of this. Maybe try one figure one thing. Choose one thing that you can do every day that you can make a part of your regular routine or regular ritual that will help you deal with your anxiety. And so you can get your stuff done because we need your stop. Just like you need my stuff, right? You don’t need me sitting around all anxious wondering about the bachelor. You need me to write my book.

You need me to write my book and get my next course out and start my life. One circles like I promised you, that’s what you need and we need your stuff. We need your classes, we need your music, we need your websites, we need your courses, we need your coaching, we need your things. So pick one thing I love. Let me know one thing and the comments that you are going to try and we’re going to check back in and talk about it. All right. Yeah. All right. I am proud of you. I look forward to sharing with you in another video, my health and healing journey now with um, coming out of the other side, hopefully of fibroids. And we will talk about all of that and more in the next video.

All right, my loves and definitely head over to GoddessOfParis.com to come with me and the Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat where we are going to be clearing everything out of your life that doesn’t work so that we can call in the things that you desire.

Let me know what you’re going to use these seen be heard be an amazing movement goddess. Feeling the high vibration.


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